Surrogacy Cost in Pune: Surrogate Mother Cost in Pune, Low-cost Surrogacy Centres in Pune

Surrogacy Cost in Pune: Surrogate Mother Cost in Pune, Low-cost Surrogacy Centres in Pune

The Cost of Surrogacy in Pune ranges from INR 15 Lakh to INR 20 Lakh depending on the Surrogacy doctor’s experience, success rates, and Surrogacy clinic location which includes the IVF Drugs, Consultations, Investigations, Ultrasounds, Oocyte Pick Up, IVF Lab, and embryology, Embryo Transfer, Sperm Freezing 1 year + Egg Donor Compensation by the IVF doctor. Gestational surrogacy is one of the most efficacious treatments and is chosen over other surrogacy methods. Without the IVF technique, surrogacy is incomplete. During gestational surrogacy, eggs and sperms are collected from the female and male partners, mixing them all for natural fertilization. the overall costs can be between Rs.10,000,00 to Rs. Rs.17,000,00 if the couple can donate their eggs or frozen fertilized embryos. These involve fees to the agency, gestational carrier, attorney and social worker, along with legal and medical costs and money to cover the carrier’s maternity wardrobe and medicines and disposables consumed expenses. It also includes the costs of harvesting the egg or embryo.

Step-by-step surrogacy process in India under the Surrogacy Regulation Act with cost (2024 – 2025)

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Legal Paperwork

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Cost: Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000

The couple visits a fertility clinic for a consultation. If surrogacy is recommended, they begin legal paperwork to ensure compliance with the Surrogacy Regulation Act. This includes ensuring they meet the criteria such as being a married Indian couple, married for at least five years, with the female aged 23-50 and the male 26-55.

Step 2: State Board Approval

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Cost: Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000

The couple submits an application to the State Surrogacy Board with all required documents, including medical histories, Aadhaar cards, and a lawyer’s authority letter. The board reviews the case and, if approved, issues a certificate for surrogacy.

Step 3: District Board Verification

Duration: 3-5 weeks

Cost: Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000

With the state board’s approval, the couple proceeds to the District Board, where the surrogate’s documents are verified. Upon satisfaction, the board issues a certificate to the surrogate mother.

Step 4: Final State Board Approval

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Cost: Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000

The couple returns to the State Board with all certificates for final approval, after which they can officially start the surrogacy process.

Step 5: IVF Process

Duration: 8-10 weeks (per cycle)

Cost: Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 2.5 lakh

The IVF process begins, potentially involving multiple cycles. This includes hormone treatments and egg retrieval from the mother or donor, fertilization, and embryo transfer to the surrogate.

Step 6: Pregnancy and Medical Care

Duration: 9 months

Cost: Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs

Throughout the pregnancy, the surrogate receives medical care, including regular check-ups, nutritional support, and any necessary medical interventions.

Step 7: Delivery and Legal Formalities

Duration: At birth

Cost: Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakhs

The child’s delivery incurs hospital charges. Post-delivery, legal formalities transfer the child’s custody to the intended parents.

Step 8: Surrogate Compensation

Cost: Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs

The surrogate mother receives compensation as agreed in the contract.

Overall Cost and Duration:

Total Duration: Approximately 1.5 years (including legal approvals, IVF cycles, and pregnancy)

Total Cost: Approximately Rs. 20 lakhs (including all medical, legal, and compensation expenses)

Success rates in gestational surrogacy

The use of surrogates is becoming more common-place. The number of people in need of surrogates is also increasing. Surrogacy is now widely acknowledged. The rate of pregnancy and live birth is different in different cases of gestational surrogacy.

Surrogacy Without Donor             63.5%        60.4%
Surrogacy With Donor Eggs           75%         73%
Surrogacy With Sperm Donor           70%        68%

Vinsfertility Surrogacy Program: Detailed Cost Breakdown (2023-2024)

Surrogacy ProcedureCost (Surrogacy Package)
Surrogacy using own eggs & own spermsRs. 15 Lakh To 18 LakhInvolves using the intended parents' own genetic material.
Surrogacy by donor eggs and own sperms Rs. 15 Lakh to 17 LakhUses donor eggs and the intended father's sperm.
Surrogacy with donor sperms and own eggsRs. 15 Lakh to 18 LakhSuitable for male infertility scenarios.
Surrogate Mother (SM) (Cost)Up to Rs. 5 to 6 LakhIncludes payment for the surrogate's commitment and time.
IVF (cost) & Embryo Transfer (Cost)Up to Rs. 4 LakhCritical step in the surrogacy process.
Surrogate Mother Selection (Cost)+ Blood Tests (Cost) + Surrogate Mother Preparation (Cost)Up to Rs. 1 LakhEnsures the surrogate is fit and ready.
Normal Vaginal Delivery CostUp to Rs. 30,000Cost-effective compared to C-section.
cesarean section or C-section Delivery CostUp to Rs. 1 Lakh to 2 LakhChosen if medically necessary.
Housing for Surrogate mother (Cost) + Food (Cost)Up to Rs. 3 LakhEnsures comfortable living conditions.
Caretaker Costs + Cook ( Cost ) + Maid for Surrogate Mother CostUp to Rs. 1 LakhProvides necessary support during pregnancy.
Surrogate mother Post Pregnancy Protein and Medication CostUp to Rs. 40000Aids in recovery and well-being of the surrogate.
Legal Cost ( The Government of India has recently implemented significant updates to the legal framework governing surrogacy. Under the new regulations, the oversight and verification of surrogacy programs are now exclusively under the jurisdiction of State and District boards. )Up to Rs. 2 LakhCompliance with updated government regulations.
Surrogate Mother Post Embryo Transfer Drugs CostUp to Rs. 30000Essential for the success of the implantation.
Donor Workup CostUp to Rs. 50000Ensures donor suitability and health.
Costs for Post-Pregnancy Care and Scans, Including Taxi Fare and Caretaker AllowanceUp to Rs. 5000Includes transportation and caretaker allowance.
Cost for Six-Month Embryo Storage and Freezing ServicesUp to Rs. 5000Useful for future fertility treatments.
Local Caretaker and surrogate supplier commission CostUp to Rs. 1 LakhFacilitates smooth management of surrogacy.
NICU Charges After Baby BirthRs. 10,000For the baby's health post-delivery.
Baby DNA Report (Available after birth)Rs. 15,000Confirms genetic linkage.
PGD/PGS for Embryo Testing - 10 EmbryosUp to Rs. 1.5 Lakh to 2.5 LakhEnsures healthy embryo selection.

The Surrogacy treatment cost in Pune can be different in different locations. Many couples travel to other cities to get affordable Surrogacy treatment cycles. here you can find the list of Top 12 Best Low-cost Surrogacy Centres in Pune with Surrogacy packages including Surrogate Mother cost, Success Rates, Services & working fertility specialists in Pune. The best low-cost Surrogacy centers in Pune are chosen based on Surrogacy success rates in Pune, treatment quality, patient’s opinion, doctor’s qualification, Reviews & Rating, and location accessibility.

  1. Pune Fertility Centre, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)
  2. Indira IVF Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)
  3. Oosite IVF, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)
  4. Asha Kiran Hospital, Narayan Peth, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)
  5. Nova IVF Fertility Clinic, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)
  6. Morpheus Bliss Fertility Center, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)
  7. IVF Galaxy Centre Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)
  8. Silver Berries IVF And Fertility Clinic, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)
  9. South Asia Fertility Center, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)
  10. EmBrio IVF Centre, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)
  11. Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)
  12. Gupte Hospital, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

1. Pune Fertility Center, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

Pune Fertility Center is an Infertility Clinic in Shivajinagar, Pune. The clinic is visited by doctors like Dr. Bharati Dhorepatil. Some of the services provided by the Clinic are Endoscopy, Infertility, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) and Egg Donor, etc. Our clients will be served with the best guidance from our team of expert doctors, medical staff and advanced medical facilities. Initially, when you visit IVF hospital you will get to meet our Fertility Specialist for fertility consultation who will guide with the best possible procedures to solve your fertility-related issue. In your first appointment with fertility specialists, our doctor will review your entire medical history, evaluate your general health, and organize initial tests and investigations for your specific issue. These tests and investigations will be done as per the doctor’s referral at our centre.

2. Indira IVF Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

Indira IVF Hospital Pvt Ltd in Viman Nagar, Pune is one of the celebrated Infertility Clinics, having practiced the medical specialization for many years. This medical practitioner’s clinic was established in 2014 and since then, it has drawn scores of patients not only from in and around the neighbourhood but also from the neighbouring areas as well. This medical professional is proficient in identifying, diagnosing, and treating the various health issues and problems related to the medical field. This doctor has the requisite knowledge and the expertise not just to address a diverse set of health ailments and conditions but also to prevent them. As a trained medical professional, this doctor is also familiar with the latest advancements in the related field of medicine.Additionally, ladies with DOR frequently have an increased possibility of miscarriage while getting pregnant using IVF with their eggs because of decreased egg quality explained to Dr. Amol Lunkad the expert IVF specialist from the Indira IVF and infertility treatment center in Pune.

3. Oosite IVF, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

  • Address: Cinderella Apartments, Sachapir St, Sadar Bazaar, Pune, Maharashtra, 411001
  • Surrogacy Doctors: Dr. Rajesh Balkrishna (Gynecologist, Infertility Specialist), etc
  • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cost:  Rs. 170,000
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) Cost: Rs. 23,000
  • Surrogacy Cost: Rs. 1,900,000
  • Surrogate Mother Cost: Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 9,00,000
  • Services Offered: IVF, IUI, ICSI, Surrogacy, etc.
  • Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Success Rate: 87%
  • Book Free Appointment: +91 9643264509
  • Website:

Oosite IVF is an IVF and Fertility Clinic located in Sadar Bazar, Pune. Oosite IVF clinic has been helping and molding several lives through its exclusive services. The various services rendered by the clinic include Infertility assessment, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), Surrogacy, Egg Freezing, Semen Freezing procedures. It also offers the Sperm Donor Program, Hysteroscopy, Endoscopic surgery, Laparoscopy, Embryo Freezing, and Blastocyst culture and transfer procedures. This hospital is guided and visited by Dr. Rajesh Balkrishna, Gynecologist and Obstetrician. He specializes in Endoscopic Surgery, Gynecology Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopic surgery, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and has more than two decades of experience in this field. The center has the latest IVF lab equipment and a team of highly qualified doctors and embryologists. Click on the map to get the directions to reach Oosite IVF.

4. Ashakiran Hospital, Narayan Peth, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

Ashakiran Hospital is a reputed chain of infertility hospitals in India. The hospital has its branches in many cities in India including at NC Kelkar Road, Narayan Peth, Pune, Maharashtra. It was established in 1975 by Dr. Ashish Kale and Dr. Ashwini Kale, who are among the leading Gynecologists and Infertility Specialists in India. Dr. Ashish Kale has more than a decade of experience and has worked in the field of laparoscopy and infertility not only in Pune but across India. Ashakiran Hospital provides a wide range of infertility treatment services such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), Surrogacy, Egg and Semen Freezing and Blastocyst Transfer procedures. The hospital houses a renowned team of fertility doctors and staff who work together to provide high-quality treatment to the patients. Ashakiran Hospital has performed thousands of IVF, IUI and Surrogacy treatments, most of which have resulted in success. The hospital follows all the medical standards, government policies and ethical valued to provide world-class health-care service. The clinic is equipped with the latest types of equipment and boasts highly advanced surgical instruments that help in undergoing meticulous surgeries or procedures. Advanced Fertility and Surrogacy Centre provides 24-hour service, online help, in-house pharmacy and transportation services.

5. Nova IVF Fertility Clinic, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

Our IVF Centres in Pune, Nova IVF Fertility is India’s leading chain of fertility and IVF centers and has the vision to be the best-in-class in the field of infertility treatments. Our core ethos is patient satisfaction and safety. Our mission is to provide standardized, high-quality fertility treatments cost-effectively and transparently. Nova IVF Fertility (NIF) is among the largest service providers in infertility treatment. NIF aims to provide advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in India on par with what is available globally. While India has seen a significant rise in the number of patients opting for infertility treatments, the numbers are still abysmally low compared to the couples requiring medical treatment. One of the major reasons for this is the lack of awareness. People need to be made aware of the basic concept that infertility is a disease that needs to be addressed medically. NIF was launched with the commitment to offer standardized and ethical infertility treatment, as well as addressing the urgent need for an organized institutional provider for fertility treatment.

Our labs match the best in the world in terms of facilities, equipment, and, most critically, operating standards. For instance, all our embryologists do their work in laboratories that conform to European cleanroom standards. In addition to providing core procedures such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, and Andrology services, Nova IVF Fertility offers several state-of-the-art technologies such as vitrification for preserving embryos and eggs, embryo scope, and PGT for selection of best embryos for transfer and ERA to select the uterus’s capacity to accept embryos. All these procedures significantly improve the chances of pregnancy following IVF, even in patients with multiple failures of IUI or IVF.

6. Morpheus Bliss Fertility Center, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

We at Morpheus IVF, Pune offers world-class solutions to infertility treatments with the help of cutting-edge tools and the experience of leading gynecologists and resourceful German doctors to deliver result-oriented and cost-effective plans to leverage the ideal outcome. Dr. Agarwal is a leading endoscopic surgeon in India with many years of experience. She was the Vice President of Pune Obstetric and Gynecological society (2012 – 2013). She was also the elected member of the managing committee of the Indian Association of Gynecological Endoscopists (IAGE) from 2007 to 2009. She has considerable experience in infertility management and has published several articles in leading medical journals on the subject. She is the Core Fertility Specialist at the Morpheus Bliss Fertility Center and has received further training for IVF, Advanced Infertility, and Human Reproductive Endocrinology at Germany. Morpheus is the first and largest chain of Indo-German fertility centers. We are associated with a team of leading gynecologists in the country with cumulative experience of 500+ years in the field of Fertility Management.

7. IVF Galaxy Center, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

We are proud to bring you a state-of-the-art IVF clinic in Pune where you can get world-class services with maximum comfort and complete privacy. We have the best IVF doctors in Pune to provide you comprehensive and personalized care from screening to diagnosis, counseling, and monitoring the growth of foetal throughout the pregnancy cycle. We know each patient is different and hence tailor treatments accordingly. Our IVF hospital in Pune is equipped with the latest and advanced technology that helps us in shortening the duration of treatment and achieving high success in pregnancy. We offer patients high chances of getting pregnant with their eggs regardless of their age. We are experts in handling new and multiple IVF cases successfully. With high pregnancy success rates, we are the best IVF clinic in Pune. IVF Galaxy is committed to maintaining high standards in IVF treatment. We aim to bring a smile to our patients’ faces by helping them have their children. With us, you can experience the ultimate joy of parenthood. That’s what makes us the Best IVF Centre in Pune.

8. Silver Berries IVF And Fertility Clinic, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

Established in the year 2013, Silver berries IVF in Baner, Pune is a top player in the category IVF Centres in Pune. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both locally and from other parts of Pune.In Pune, this establishment occupies a prominent location in Baner. It is an effortless task in commuting to this establishment as there are various modes of transport readily available. It is at Baner Road, Near Vijay Sales, Near Big Bazaar, Opp Veritas, which makes it easy for first-time visitors in locating this establishment. It is known to provide top service in the following categories: IVF Centres, Infertility Clinics, Fertility Centres, Infertility Doctors, Semen Testing Centres, Pregnancy Testing Centres, Test Tube Baby Centres, IUI Centres.

9. South Asia Fertility Center, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

South Asia Fertility Center is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of male and female reproductive issues. We have been at the forefront of this highly specialized area of medicine to provide comprehensive and compassionate fertility care. Our new state-of-the-art facility combines clinical offices, laboratory facilities, and a surgical suite in one convenient location. South Asia Fertility Center offers a full spectrum of fertility treatments including in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), egg and sperm donation, gestational surrogacy, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), as well as more basic fertility procedures such as intrauterine inseminations (IUI). We are committed to providing you with the best fertility treatment in a confidential, compassionate and supportive environment. Our programs are internationally acclaimed for high success rates and have won us recognition as a global referral center. We are the best place for complex fertility problems. Turn to us when no one can help!

10. EmBrio IVF Centre, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

There is something magical about the possibility – it brings us closer to miracles. At EmBrio, we believe that all couples can conceive. This joy reflects in our name as well which combines “embryo”, the beginning of a child, with “brio” which means vigor, vitality, enthusiasm, and eagerness – a feeling that surrounds us always. Our logo is derived from one of the stages of the embryo which evolves into a baby. It has a vibrant appeal and connotations of a blossoming possibility. To encompass all this, our Assisted Reproduction Clinic makes the journey as comfortable as possible. Embrio IVF Clinic is all about vibrant expectations. Located in the lap of nature, it is a center of excellence with world-class systems and equipment; and most of all a place full of optimism and joy. These are just a few reasons why it is the clinic of choice for many couples. Dr. Anil Chittake, has done MBBS, DGO (Diploma in gynecology and obstetrics), DNB, Fellowship in Gynecology Endoscopy, and Assisted Reproductive Technology. He did his MBBS from Government Medical College, Nagpur (1995), DGO from KEM Hospital Pune (1999), DNB from Government Medical College, Nagpur (2001), Fellowship in advanced Gynecology Endoscopy and ART from National institute of laser and endoscopic surgery, Bombay (2005). He is specialized in Fertility enhancing endoscopic surgery and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

11. Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

Sahyadri Hospitals is the largest chain of hospitals in Maharashtra. It is the brainchild of Dr. Charudutt Apte, one of India’s most renowned Neurosurgeons and more importantly an ardent practitioner of ethical medical practices. It was his philosophy to make quality healthcare available, accessible, & accountable and not restrict as a privilege to the few, which still stands as the group’s pivotal touchstone. The Sahyadri group has 8 Hospitals with more than 900 beds and 200 ICU beds. Currently, we have more than 2000 clinicians along with 2600 supporting staff. Our Sahyadri hospitals are easy to reach due to their strategic locations in the cities of Pune, Nashik, and Karad. When a patient comes to a hospital, his single motivation is hope. The hope of being treated, getting cured, and walking back home to his loved ones, healthy and happy. Over the years, we’ve put all cornerstones of expertise and technology to ensure that we leave no stone unturned. After all, every possibility has a life attached to it. It’s this philosophy that has enabled us to not just accept rare cases, and also treat them successfully. Many firsts in the city and many firsts in the country are a testimony to this.

12. Gupte Hospital, Pune (Low-cost Surrogacy Centre in Pune)

Gupte Hospital was started almost 40 years ago, by Dr. Sanjay and Dr. Asmita Gupte. What began as a dream to serve society, and make proficient maternal health care accessible to all, we have now evolved into one of the premier institutes of the city. Dr. Sanjay, Dr. Asmita, and their team aim to provide mothers with a safe and successful motherhood experience. Gupte Hospital’s Maternal and Newborn team are made up of highly qualified and skilled doctors, nurses, and additional support staff who ensure a smooth process as per your special needs. Along with our experienced staff, the hospital also provides a state-of-the-art facility that enables us to provide you with a healthy and fulfilling pregnancy or gynecological experience. We have a cutting-edge Operation Theatre and Labour room unit, an Endoscopy theatre, and an Ultrasound unit. We are more than well equipped with in-house facilities including beds and cribs, wards, and special rooms. Gupte hospital has experienced doctors trained in this field. Our experts are available 24*7 at the hospital. We are also a NABH accredited facility. We are particularly specialized in high-risk cases and critical pregnancy conditions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1: Can same-sex couples pursue surrogacy in Pune, India?

Ans: No, As the last update in January 2022, same-sex couples were not allowed to pursue surrogacy in Pune, India.

Q2: How long does the surrogacy process take?

Ans: The surrogacy process typically takes around 12 to 18 months from the initial consultations to the birth of the child. This duration can vary depending on factors such as legal requirements, medical procedures, and finding a suitable surrogate.

Q3: Is altruistic surrogacy cheaper than IVF?

Ans: Altruistic surrogacy is a less expensive option than IVF because the surrogate mother does not receive any payment. However, there are still some costs that need to be considered such as medical expenses and legal fees. In contrast, IVF typically involves costs associated with medicines, treatments, and procedures that may vary depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Q4: What are the medical procedures involved in surrogacy?

Ans: In surrogacy, eggs and sperm are combined in a lab and then implanted into the surrogate’s uterus. The surrogate undergoes prenatal care until the baby is born.

Q5: Are there age restrictions for intended parents in surrogacy in Pune, India?

Ans: As of January 2022, there are no age restrictions for intended parents in surrogacy in Pune, India.

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