Surrogacy Cost in USA: Surrogate Mother Cost in USA, Surrogacy Law in USA

Surrogacy Cost in USA: Surrogate Mother Cost in USA, Surrogacy Law in USA

Surrogacy Cost in the USA

“What is the cost of Surrogacy?”, this is usually the first question every intended parent who is planning to opt for surrogacy to have a child, asks us. Honestly, every surrogacy case is special and unique, but the average Surrogacy cost in the USA ranges from $100,000 USD to $150,ooo USD. If you want to get a full picture of surrogacy cost, it is important to understand what all is involved in surrogacy. This includes- surrogate mother compensation, agency fee, medical expenses, legal fee, insurance, parent legal rights, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Surrogate mother cost in USA

For intended parents, surrogate compensation is usually the most major expense they incur (in the case of paid surrogacy), which is around $60,000 USD. The Surrogate mother goes through various medical procedures, carries your baby for nine months in her womb, to help you in welcoming a baby into your family. The money you pay her is for her base compensation and other benefits including her and her family protection, and more.

Agency fee 

The agency is compensated for managing your entire surrogacy journey. They are with you from the beginning till the end i.e from your first consultation till you take your baby home. The agency covers all the important details like- legal documentation, Birth Certificate of the baby, immigration, etc. They also undertake psychological, medical screening, and background checks of the surrogates.

Medical Procedure Charges

This is an important part of surrogacy and includes cycle(s) of in vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogate mother screening, medicines, health checkups and exams, lab tests, prenatal care, delivery, and more. This cost may vary, depending upon the eggs chosen by intended parents i.e. Self Eggs, Frozen Eggs, or Fresh Donor Eggs.

Other major costs include- legal fees, surrogate mother’s insurance, and miscellaneous expenses. The legal fee is paid to manage everything from the drafting of the surrogacy agreement to the birth certificate and immigration (in case of an international couple). 

Why Surrogacy in the USA?

The USA is gradually becoming a popular destination for surrogacy for national as well as international couples, because of their vast experience in handling surrogacy. This is also due to the restrictive laws pertaining to surrogacy in their home countries, which stops them from fulfilling their dream of parenthood. 

Apart from this, the USA offers a wealth of benefits and superior legal aid, and 47 out of 50 American states allow commercial surrogacy. These state-specific surrogacy laws allow the intended parents to choose their desired location, where they can safely pursue surrogacy and also protect theirs as well as their surrogate’s rights.


Any baby born in the USA automatically becomes a US citizen, regardless of the citizenship of its intended patients. During the time of its birth, the baby will inherit a US birth certificate, entitling it to a USA passport for traveling abroad. usually, you can get the passport in 2-3 days from filling out an application. The surrogacy lawyers appointed by your agency will handle all the legal procedures including- establishing your parental rights on your baby (by a Pre-Birth Order, Post-Birth Order, or via a second-parent adoption.). This will make you the lone legal parents under American Law. Once the parentage rights have been established in the US, your lawyer will start on with the immigration process and then, you can take the baby back to your home country safely without any hassle. 

Such flexibility is not allowed in all the countries, for example- a child born via surrogacy in Ukraine will not be considered as a Ukrainian citizen, making it difficult for your child to fly back to your home country. Also, many countries like- Germany, Spain, Sweden, and more accept the US Declaration of Parentage. 

Additionally, if you are an international LGBT couple, you can go with surrogacy to have a child in the United States, as here gay marriages are legal, making you and your partner the legal parents of your child before returning to your home country.


When it comes to surrogacy in the USA, surrogate mothers are protected in the same way as the intended parents. Unlike other countries, where the increase in surrogate mothers’ demand leads to unethical practices (underpaying the surrogates and more), in the USA, surrogate mothers have access to world-class medical care at the world’s best hospitals. They have strong support systems and are also financially stable. 

To protect both the parties, before making a match, the surrogacy agency fully screens both the intended parents as well as the surrogate. It is made sure that both parties are completely ready for surrogacy.

The surrogate mother provided by the agency is properly screened. She has to go through various stages including- undergoing medical and psychological testing and having a primary support person throughout her journey. Once she is mentally and physically prepared to become your surrogate of her own free will, a meeting is arranged with the intended parents, where they discuss the details, sign documents, and over time, their relationship develops.


The USA is a developed country, meaning that all the intended parents who come here for surrogacy are given the latest and best proven medical facilities along with the appropriate legal protection. US surrogacy laws are generally better developed as compared to other countries. The support of experienced and highly trained fertility professionals, along with the assistance provided by the surrogacy agency, and the legal team, makes the process take place smoothly.

Here, surrogacy programs are created in such a way that foreign intended parents can easily pursue surrogacy in any of the 47 states, where it is legal. It does not matter that you are an international couple, you will be given the same quality of services as any American parent to be. 


Deciding on an agency to proceed with surrogacy is an imperial task. Just like all the other parts of this journey, this decision is completely in the hands of intended parents. If you want to pursue surrogacy in the United States, then you should take your time, understand your personal needs and then select a surrogacy agency, which meets all your requirements in the most efficient and effective way. 

Vinsfertility is a leading surrogacy agency in the US, we offer world-class assistance and have achieved remarkable results through empathy, honesty, and professionalism. We are progressive thinkers and make sure to keep ourselves updated with the advancements in reproductive technology and the ever-changing surrogacy laws. We have been offering surrogacy agency services for more than 7 years and we are the only agency that offers a GUARANTEED SURROGACY PROGRAM i.e, we guarantee the intended parents that they will take their baby to their home country at the end of this journey. 


Surrogacy Procedures Average Surrogacy Cost in USA
Surrogate Screening Fees US$ 700.00
Surrogate psych screening US$ 600.00
Surrogate background check US$ 100.00
Legal Fees US$ 8,500.00
Setup fee US$ 750.00
Surrogate insurance review US$ 300.00
Surrogate contract prepration (legal fees) US$ 2,500.00
Surrogate contract review (legal fees) US$ 1,250.00
Surrogate Pre-Birth Order US$ 3,000.00
Pre-birth order filing and court fees US$ 200.00
Surrogate review of Pre-Birth Order US$ 500.00
Surrogate Compensation & Expenses US$ 60,450.00
Surrogate compensation US$ 54,000.00
Health Insurance premimum x 12 US$ 6,000.00
Surrogate life insurance US$ 450.00
Clinical procedures US$ 21,700.00
Donation, ICSI, Fertilization US$ 15,000.00
Monitoring Lab work US$ 350.00
Surrogate medical screening included
Egg donor screening US$ 1,000.00
Egg donor meds US$ 2,000.00
Embryo freezing US$ 600.00
Surrogate travel for FET (assume 4 days) US$ 2,000.00
Surrogate meds (pre-FET) US$ 750.00
Surrogate meds (post-FET)
Surrogate meds (first trimester)
Surrogacy, prenatal care and delivery US$ 5,000.00
Health Insurance out of pocket maximum US$ 5,000.00
All exams and prenatal medical care
Total Approx fees with A Fresh Egg Donor US$ 100,000.00- US$ 150,000.00


1. We are a ‘one-stop’ agency

Once you come to Vinsfertility, you need not go anywhere else. We provide you with all the parties associated with surrogacy- doctors, social workers, surrogate homes, accountants, lawyers, and more. Since all the services are in-house and available for the intended parents, the need to search outside for other agencies gets eliminated.

2. We offer a Guaranteed Surrogacy Program with a 99.9% success rate

Vinsfertility is the first ever to offer a Guaranteed Surrogacy Program with a success rate of 99.9%. The doctors affiliated with us are the best in the field of Reproductive Medicine and have decades of experience in handling surrogacy cases. Same goes with the donors and surrogate mothers, both are properly screened, before being matched with you. We assure you that at the end of your journey, you will have your baby.

3. Proper screening of our donors and surrogates

Since we understand parents’ struggle with infertility, we strive to ensure the process of surrogacy is as easy for them as possible. Not only them, but we also value our donors, and surrogates who are willing to help people achieve the dream of parenthood. Before selecting a donor or surrogate, we make sure that they are properly screened, so that they are the best fit for your family. Their medical screening is done very carefully to get the highest chances of success in pregnancy. the screening process includes-

  • Interview with licensed social workers
  • Psychological Test
  • Background checks
  • Review of their medical records

4. Encouraging relationships between intended parents and the surrogate

We feel that it is imperative for the intended parents to have a special bond with their surrogate mothers, who selflessly devote their body, time, and energy to help a couple achieve their dream of parenthood. By fostering their relationship, we intend to make this journey as smooth as possible for both parties. After all, what could be a better way to bring a baby into the world?

5. Bringing your baby back home

If you are international intended parents, our in-house team of dedicated lawyers handle all the legal work and make sure that you can take your baby back to your home country without any hassle. They are responsible for making the Surrogacy Agreement and once the baby is born, they handle all the documentation, apply for the US passport and VISA as soon as possible.

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