Surrogacy in Ukraine


Surrogate mothers tend to come from lower social classes, yet live in clean and modern homes and be employed.

Gender testing can be done in Ukraine, but only for medical purposes, not for gender selection.

Legal regulation of surrogacy is determined by the Family Code of Ukraine of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

The Family Code of Ukraine law states that where embryos created by IVF by the intended parents are returned to the womb of another woman, the intended parents are the legal parents.

The law in Ukraine specifically states that the baby belongs to the intended parents and the surrogate mother has no prenatal rights. Both intended parents names appear on the Ukrainian birth certificate.

There are laws determining who can serve as a surrogate mother, what clinics can do IVF and surrogacy procedures and the procedure of registering the intended parents and registering the baby as theirs.

Ukraine Surrogacy Eligibility

Intended Parents (IPs) should provide medical reports or conclusion from a doctor justifying their decision to proceed with a surrogate mother (SM). This can be medical confirmation about unsuccessful IVF with embryos of high quality in the past, for example

Your doctor needs to certify that one of the following is true:

  1. Absence of a womb (inborn or acquired)
  2. deformation of the uterus, making pregnancy and delivery impossible
  3. Synechi of womb cavity, which cannot be cured
  4. somatic diseases, which prevent carrying a pregnancy, by putting the women’s health or life at risk
  5. unsuccessful IVF attempts (minimum 4) with embryos of high quality.

Advice on Agencies

Growing Families deals regularly with reliable providers in Ukraine and receives much feedback. Pricing for high quality surrogacy programs ranges from US38,000 to US51,000. Contact us for recommendations & advice on

Practical Issues

Be very careful to confirm correct arrival dates if you are self-cycling in Ukraine
Some IVF clinics will include one-bedroom accommodation during your stay
Apartments are also available to rent, however, heating is controlled by the government and may not be available, so bring warm clothes if coming in colder months.

Living costs are very cheap. Allow 10€ daily for food and essentials for two adults.


Twin strollers are very hard to find.
Baby clothes are available online from Ukraine’s biggest department store Antoshka
International brands such as Huggies, Pampers, Nutritlon, Humana, Hipp, Similac and Nan are available in different stores

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