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अगर आप एक निसंतान दम्पति हैं और अब तक बच्चे के लिए किये किये गए आपके सारे प्रयास विफल रहे है, एवं IVF की प्रक्रिया अपना कर भी निराश हुयें हैं, तो यह योजना आपके लिए एक स्वर्णिम अवसर है। हम गारंटी देते हैं की हमारी IVF प्रक्रिया आपको संतान-सुख देगी पहले ही प्रयास में, अन्यथा आपका दूसरा IVF हम मुफ्त में करेंगे |


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आईवीएफ की लागत परीक्षण और जांच पर निर्भर करेगी। सेल्फ एग की कीमत 1 लाख और डोनर की कीमत 1.3 लाख होगी।
आईवीएफ आश्वासन परीक्षण और जांच पर निर्भर करेगा। सुनिश्चित आईवीएफ कार्यक्रम के साथ विंसफर्टिलिटी 80% सफलता दर सुनिश्चित करेगी।
आईवीएफ फेल होने पर और आगे ईटी कराने पर 30,000 हजार अतिरिक्त चार्ज किया जाएगा
हमारे पास हमारे ऋण विभाग से ईएमआई विकल्प उपलब्ध हैं। यदि रोगी ईबीसी का होगा तो हमारा एनजीओ समर्थन करेगा और आईवीएफ लागत 80,000 तक कम हो जाएगी
बच्चे के दिल की धड़कन आने में साढ़े तीन हफ्ते का समय लगेगा।

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Vinsfertility IVF Centre की अत्याधुनिक तकनीकें

PGS (Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening)

It is a genetic screening where one or more cells from an IVF embryo is removed to test for chromosomal normalcy.

PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis)

It is a laboratory procedure that is performed in conjugation with IVF, helping to exclude the passing of any inherited condition.


An arrangement where a mother or the surrogate woman helps the intending parents With carrying & delivering their child.

पुरुषों के चिकित्सार्थ

ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

It is an infertility treatment, where a live sperm is injected into the woman’s egg in a laboratory setting.

Microsurgical Varicocele Surgery

It is the surgery to correct the issues with varicocele. A high power surgical microscope is used in this operation, thereby, called microsurgical varicocele surgery.


It is the process of retrieving sperm from seminiferous tubules of testes, or through surgical biopsy of the testes.

Microsurgical Reconstruction - VEA, VV

These are the treatment options for obstructive azoospermia, that is one of the reason for infertility.


It is one of the various sperm retrieval procedures for men who have obstructive azoospermia.

Hormonal Treatments

Hormonal treatments can help men work on their hormonal imbalances. These hormones are injected either beneath the skin or directly into the muscles.

महिलाओं के चिकित्सार्थ

Ovarian Induction

It is done in conjugation with hormonal therapy, helping to stimulate egg development, release & ovulation.

Embryo Freezing

It is also called embryo cryopreservation, that is the process to store, preserve and freeze embryos for later use.

IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination)

It is a type of artificial insemination and one of the various processes to treat infertility.

ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

It is one of the two ways through which an egg can be fertilized through or by IVF.

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)

It is a complex series of procedures, helping to cross-check the fertility, prevent genetic problems and assist the intended parents with the conception of a child.

Blastocyst Culture

When a blastocyst culture of the embryos is grown in the laboratory for more than two days, it is referred to as blastocyst embryos.

Laser Assisted Hatching

It is one of the scientific procedures of IVF making it easier for the embryo to hatch or break out the outer shell.


पढ़िए IVF सफलता की कहानियां

I connected with Vins Fertility Centre through telephonic facilities. I am a teacher and never had the chance to conceive naturally even after unsuccessful trials of 3 years. Dr Rati suggested me transfer blastocyst embryo instead of simple day 3 embryo to my uterus. She helped me, made me understand and touched my heart with her kind words. Dr Rati made it possible for me and now I am the mother of two twins- one daughter and one son…..

Mrs Kavita Bhagvale (Teacher)

Getting busy with my work was my routine because I could not explain how it feels to go home without anyone waiting for you! Even my wife got tired of trying for the baby and she now started taking things usually. We connected Vins Fertility Centre at least three years ago and now after the whole process of more than one year, we are the parents of one son. He now energetically waits for me with my wife when I come home from office….

Mr Sunny Babbar (Business Man)

I have been married for nearly 11 years. We could not conceive naturally. After my husband visited Vins Fertility Centre, he told me he was having low sperm count because of which our attempts were failing. With their successful procedures, step-by-step help and guidance to all of us, we are now the proud parents of a five year old daughter……

Mrs Kalpana Vats (House Wife)

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