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What is IMSI?

IMSI, Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection is a technique used along with IVF treatment, to help a couple in conceiving. In IMSI fertility treatment, a single sperm is selected with the help of a high-magnification digital imaging microscope and is morphologically injected into the egg.  

Why perform IMSI?

The microscope which is used to select the sperm magnifies it by almost 6,000 times. This enables the doctor to determine the structure of the sperm and eliminate the sperm that exhibits abnormalities, which is not possible in ICSI treatment.

It is for men who have a large number of abnormal sperm and failed IVF with ICSI treatments in the past. IMSI IVF is a new and advanced technique, which increases the possibility of fertilization and normal embryo development.

Why is IMSI IVF treatment done?

There are certain reasons why your doctor might recommend you to get IMSI treatment done. They are-

  • The quantity of sperm in the semen sample is very low.
  • The proportion of abnormally shaped sperm is very high.
  • Sperm have poor motility.
  • Sperm has recovered via surgery.
  • Have a history of failed ICSI IVF attempts.
  • Semen has a high level of DNA fragmentation
  • The age of the male is more than 40 years.
  • The couple has had multiple miscarriages and abortions in the past.

How is IMSI performed?

IMSI Procedure-

  • Semen Sample Collection and Preparation

A sample of semen (fresh or frozen) is collected and prepared by the embryologist. For preparation, all the impurities are removed from the sample by treating it with a specific solution.

  • Sperm Selection

For injection, the embryologist will now select a sperm by examining them under a microscope. The microscope will allow the embryologist to look at the sperm through a magnification of more than 6000X. This ensures that the sperm selected is of the best quality and health.

  • Egg Selection

Just like ICSI, the eggs are collected from the female partner and washed to remove the unwanted particles. The eggs are then examined under a microscope and healthy ones are selected for fertilization with the sperm.

  • Sperm Injection

The selected sperm(s) is then put in a fine glass needle and then injected into the chosen egg(s) for fertilization. This fertilized egg(s) is cultured in a sterile culture petri dish in an incubator.

  • Embryo Transfer

Once the embryo(s) have been cultured and are ready to be transferred, the female partner will be called to the clinic and will have the embryo(s) inserted into her uterus.

After approximately 14 days (2 weeks), a pregnancy test will be done to check if pregnancy has been achieved or not. 

What are the risks involved in IMSI treatment?

IMSI is prone to the same risks, as ICSI. they are as follows-

  • A male child born with the help of Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) is more prone to fertility issues in the future. This happens due to the passing of infertility genetics from the father to the baby.
  • There are up to 3% chances of a major birth defect in an IMSI baby. They are-  Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, Angelman syndrome, sex chromosome abnormalities, and hypospadias. 
  • Some fertilized eggs (<2%) do not grow into healthy embryos. This is because they might get damaged during the IMSI procedure as it is more invasive and requires more work as compared to a standard IVF procedure.
  • To increase the chances of achieving pregnancy, multiple embryos are implanted inside the uterus of the woman, so that at least one embryo can develop properly. However, this increases the chances of multiple pregnancies. 
  • Multiple pregnancies can further increase the chances of complications like- early labor, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and the need for a c-section.

IMSI treatment cost in India

All the centers in India aim to provide the best IMSI IVF treatment at an economic cost, to ensure that a common man can afford it. The cost of ART technique- IVF increases when advanced fertility treatments like IMSI are added. The average cost of IMSI IVF treatment in India is between 1,80,000 to 2,50,0000 INR

The cost of IMSI treatment is approximately 30,000 to 40,000 INR more than ICSI treatment, as it allows the fertility doctor to choose the best sperm with no abnormalities to inject into the female partner, which increases the success rate of conception.

The success rate of IMSI treatment in India

The success rate of IMSI treatment in India is high as compared to other developed countries. Here the success rate of IMSI treatment is around 70 to 80%. This is the reason why India has people coming from all over the world to get their infertility treatments done every year. 

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