Surrogacy in India

At Vins fertility, achieving the impossible is what we do best. Through a unique mix of professional services, commitment to care and an unrivaled dedication to well-being that spans across the whole of Vins fertility, we have realized exceptional success rates that ensure we can meet every parent-to-be’s expectations and unlock the door to their dream of parenthood.

While we specialize in all areas of infertility management with cutting-edge technologies, we have become known for our empathy and dedication to meeting the emotional needs of every patient. We know this chapter in your life hasn’t been easy, but we have seen thousands of stories like yours end with a happy, healthy baby. So if your journey has led you here, we hope our Vinsfertilty website is a beacon of hope showing you that there are solutions for your infertility concerns. We have helped thousands of parents struggling with infertility achieve their dream of parenthood by committing ourselves to provide comfortable, caring treatment to each of our patients, from every walk of life to the best of our ability. With our commitment to dedicated teamwork, high medical standards, and effective communication, Vins fertility is among the best in its field. We do not take this position lightly, and we would be honored to become part of your story as we reach towards our ultimate mission to have a child in every loving family.

Our Surrogacy Program offers: ( Guaranteed Package )

  1. • Multiple IVF cycle FET / 1 or 2 embryo transferred per attempt.
  2. • Embryo transfer cost from one centre to another ( Excluded )

• All-inclusive prices, no hidden costs
• A unique model of in-house, responsible care for our surrogatesIncluded in our all-inclusive program• The surrogate selection which includes medical, social and psychological screening
• IVF procedures including  surrogate preparation,
embryo transfer
• All costs associated with the surrogate:
– Comfortable accommodation
– Personal/living expenses
– Dietician
– Compensation
– Insurance
– Medication
• Pregnancy monitoring and prenatal care
• Birth
• Post-birth care for surrogate and newborn
• NICU care if needed

Costs (singleton baby )

• 18 Lakh – Guaranteed Package
• 16 Lakh – Assured Package
• 13 Lakh – 2 Cycle Package

Process and Time frame :

Our program can be initiated as soon as you are ready to begin. We suggest a visit to the centre at the beginning of the process for an initial consultation. This is an excellent opportunity to see the clinic, meet our team, submit blood work and sperm samples, choose a donor if necessary and, if happy to proceed, sign a contract in person.

Upon signing of the contract, a surrogate is selected for you. We transfer these embryos (ET) when the surrogate carrier is ready hormonally. We must then wait for the pregnancy confirmation & start the countdown towards your baby’s arrival. If the results are negative – we start again, within approximately 1 month, with no extra payments on your behalf.

Our surrogates are cared for on every level. They live within the vicinity of the clinic, in accommodations provided by us. They are our most important resource, are greatly valued so we want to ensure they are happy and comfortable. They are assigned a personal coordinator to support them through the process and take care of their every need.

You will also have a personal coordinator who will update you on the pregnancy follow up. We believe in transparency throughout the entire process, therefore, you are more than welcome to join all appointments – by Skype/Phone or in person and of course for the baby’s birth.

Best Surrogacy Centres in India:

  • CK Birla International Fertility Centre, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • Fertile Solutions IVF and Research Center, New Delhi, India
  • Aveya IVF, Siliguri, India
  • Aarush IVF And Endoscopy Centre, Malad West, Mumbai, India  .. and so on.

Best Surrogacy Doctors in India:

  • Dr. Sarita Sukhija ( MD, MBBS, FELLOW REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE) Gurgaon, India
  • Dr. Tejal Poddar (MS, MBBS, FELLOWSHIP) , Mumbai, India
  • Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour (MD, MBBS, DNB) Delhi, India
  • Dr. Anjali A. Deval (MD, MBBS) Mumbai, India  .. and so on.
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