What is surrogacy? The best surrogacy agency in Ukraine speaks!

What is surrogacy? The best surrogacy agency in Ukraine speaks!

The happiness of raising a child cannot be overestimated. Taking care of babies from the very birth, watching them grow up, and giving all the love of the world, all of these are highly precious moments. However, Not everyone has the chance to make their family full. According to the Reproductive Biological Endocrinology statistics, globally, 48.5 million couples go through infertility. Half of them can not carry a child even after undergoing IVF. The good news: World Center of Baby, one of the best international agencies, runs surrogacy in Ukraine as well as IVF programs in its own Alice Fertility Clinic.

What is surrogacy, and what is the difference between surrogacy in Ukraine and other countries?

Encyclopedia of Reproduction says that “surrogacy is a form of third-party reproduction in which a woman consents to carry a pregnancy for the intended parent(s) who cannot conceive for medical reasons or those who are a gay couple”. This is an acutely controversial topic and in most countries, surrogacy is forbidden by law. That is why we welcome Intended Parents to complete surrogacy in Ukraine with the World Center of Baby. There, it is completely legal due to to the advanced surrogacy legislation. However, there are some features you must know.

How does surrogacy in Ukraine work?

There are different types of surrogacy – traditional versus gestational. In traditional surrogacy, a surrogate mother has a genetic link with the baby she carries for Intended Parents. The laws of some countries accept traditional surrogacy, but it is not common.

Meanwhile, the meaning of gestational surrogacy is that there is no genetic link between a surrogate mother and a baby – the Intended Mother’s or donor’s eggs are fertilized with the Intended Father’s sperm. In an altruistic type of gestational surrogacy, a surrogate receives only basic compensation for food, clothes, and medication. In commercial surrogacy, a surrogate receives full monetary compensation for her input. Evidently, commercial surrogacy is much easier to organize as more potential surrogates are interested in helping a couple to finally meet their little angel.

There are few countries where commercial surrogacy is legal. Ukraine is one of them. World Center of Baby is the best agency that runs surrogacy programs in Ukraine that are legal, safe, and straightforward.

How to get the process started and which programs are available?

Ukraine boasts the most pleasant legal environment for surrogacy. Here, it is considered a type of infertility treatment, and that is why the Intended Parents are listed as legal parents of the newborn from birth, as opposed to surrogacy in Russia, for example, where a surrogate is considered a legal mother of a baby until she signs the relinquishment of parental rights. However, there are some important things you need to know:

1) Intended Parents must be officially married. A marriage certificate must prove it.
2) Indications for surrogacy must be present. Intended parents should provide a doctor’s letter with the conclusion that the patient cannot conceive or carry a pregnancy.
3) At least one of the IPs must be genetically linked to the child. This is required for the “exit process”.

World Center of Baby surrogacy agency offers a variety of different programs. There are programs with a patient’s oocytes, with donor eggs, and, what is unique, with embryos already created at another clinic and shipped to Alice fertility clinic.

How much does surrogacy in Ukraine cost?

When talking about surrogacy costs, a lot of things must be counted in: payments to professionals involved in the process, high-quality medical equipment, medical fees, legal services, compensation the agency will pay to a surrogate mother, the egg donor, etc. For example, in the USA, the cost of a surrogacy process can easily amount to 170,000 $, while few couples can afford it. Here, in Ukraine, the World Center of Baby, the best surrogacy agency according to the numerous reviews, manages to find a balance between the price and high-quality service and offers programs from 35000 € to 94000 € depending on the services included and guarantees implemented.

When we talk about surrogacy in Ukraine with the World Center of Baby, the best surrogacy company here, we mean high success rates, full control of the surrogacy process, and an experienced team of Intended Parents’ Partners, surrogate coordinators, and medical staff. The agency provides complex consultations on the subject, so, if you are seriously considering surrogacy, it is a great idea to get in touch for a free consultation.

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