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We are the largest and most successful “Complete” non-agency provider of surrogate services in Mexico, USA (Physicians, Surrogates, Donors, Attorneys) and one of the leading providers of surrogate gestational services in Mexico. We assist couples and singles considering the use of a surrogate and help those interested in becoming a surrogate.

Potential parents and surrogates that are matched through our program are united through the efforts of the dedicated medical staff in our offices, with well over two decades of successful experience in surrogacy and egg donation. The high-quality services we provide are offered at prices that, in most instances are half of the prices charged by other programs. For those with financial limitations or concerns, our new highly acclaimed Indian and Mexican surrogacy “hybrid” programs can offer further savings of nearly an additional $10,000-$17,000. In this program, ALL of your medical care occurs in the U.S. while a well-screened surrogate mother in India will carry your pregnancy to birth or your care may take place over 7 days in Mexico with a Mexican surrogate carrying your pregnancy. For gay patients, our Mexican surrogacy arrangements ARE allowed to involve screened gay parents. Ask about these exciting and very popular new surrogacy options!

Is Surrogacy Legal in Mexico?

Since 1997, surrogacy has been legal in Tabasco, Mexico, because of a modification in the state’s civil code. It stated that a child born from a surrogate mother would legally belong to the parent who contracted the birth. No more detailed regulations for the Mexican surrogacy process were enacted.

In response to growing controversies in surrogacy programs around the world, the Tabasco government recognized the need for safe surrogacy regulations in 2016. That year, new laws banned international intended parents from completing a surrogacy in Mexico. Mexican LGBT individuals and couples and heterosexual singles were also prohibited from the surrogacy process.

Today, only heterosexual couples with Mexican citizenship, between the age of 25 and 40, who can prove their inability to carry a pregnancy, are allowed to pursue surrogacy in Mexico.

Therefore, international intended parents who wish to pursue surrogacy in Mexico would be doing so illegally.


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