LGBT Surrogacy

Get Brief Details About Completing an LGBT Surrogacy in India

For intended parents, Surrogacy in India has been a very popular option but will it be possible for you?


For LGBT couples & individuals who are willing to complete their families could opt for surrogacy. In most of the ways, the surrogacy process is very similar for LGBT couples as it is for other intended parents. When you prefer an LGBT surrogacy professional then you go through all the same steps throughout the process with the same rights and choices. So, if you are considering the LGBT surrogacy in India, then you must be going with some specific questions about searching the gamete donors, friendly LGBT professionals, establishing legal parental rights, and much more.

About International LGBT Surrogacy Process

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Those who are considering for international surrogacy process, usually consider one specific process i.e. Surrogacy in India. For international intended parents, Indian Surrogacy has always been a popular option. But most of the International surrogacies today have gone through a major reform in legislation to bring regulation to the surrogacy process. This is why if you are an international intended parent who is considering surrogacy in another country, then Surrogacy in India won’t work for them. Here is what you need to know about Gestational Surrogacy in India.

How Does It Work: Same-Sex Male Surrogacy Tiers

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In order to facilitate the understanding of arrangements that take place to assure a successful egg donor-surrogacy cycle, we have divided the whole process into the egg donor surrogacy cycle. Let’s understand the 4 tier levels in which each level is as important as the next. It is easy to understand how we proceed efficiently through various arrangements that make your parenthood dream reality.


For those who are seeking the egg donors and surrogates for same-sex at different hospitals and clinics at the fertility centre near me location. Vinsfertility has made arrangements to assist you with all the necessary details. We are among the most trusted and reputed organizations who are working with many hospitals and clinics. All you need to do is to get in touch with our professionals and executives available over the mentioned phone number on the website. We will provide the best possible solution that you are looking for. You will never be disappointed with our services. Our executives will provide the necessary information regarding the clinics and doctors as per your budget and requirements.

Key Features

  • We make the rigorous screening of our in-house agencies, egg donors, and surrogates.
  • Immediate assistance in guidance and counseling required by the specialists.
  • We also serve patients, advocates also who are able to reign the fees demanded by the agencies and their surrogates or donors.

Most of the time, the matches with the suitable surrogate may occur before you visit or after the completion of your intake evaluations. As all the Surrogacy treatment arrangements take time, and you are encouraged to schedule blood tests and physical examinations. You are asked to be tested for cystic fibrosis carrier state, mycoplasma, other genetic screening tests. The instant arrangements are made to help you meet and secure a potential surrogate mother. As soon as you make your choice the treatment of you and your egg donor is started. By the time, the contract with your surrogate has been finalized, your embryos might have been developed with the proper treatment. And then your awaiting embryos will be transferred to the surrogate mother.


At your visit, you will be given the opportunity to review the selection of available egg donors. This is done so that you can get a feel of the high quality of women available with us. This is when the actual selection of donors is carried out. Once your intake evaluations and paperwork gets completed, the donor will be asked to complete the final screening on your behalf and will be prepared for the egg donation process. And then for the fertilization process, you will be asked to provide the sperm. Once the eggs have been produced by the donor, the screened sperm will be used to create the embryos which will be stored to transfer to your surrogate.

How Can We Help You In This Process?

Once the surrogate has been chosen, we present to you the egg donors that are available for the selection. We also provide anonymous as well as open donors who cater to all sorts of family matching aspects such as appearance, ethnic background, athletic level, and education. We have maintained an extensive list of donors at all times. Recruitment of most of our donors is through the in-house program where quite an extensive screening process is carried out. If we prefer the selection of a donor from an outside agency then we make sure that they also go through our screening protocol for your safety. We are very well aware of the fact that many of our patients travel from distant locations, hence we try our best to facilitate productivity in trips made to our office. We provide the ability to select the egg donor and organize a meeting with our surrogacy attorney.


Vinsfertility provides the details of the surrogate to help you in choosing the one you are looking for. Our surrogate team members who have qualified for our programs may carry the pregnancy for same-sex parents. This process doesn’t take much longer. Most of our surrogates are from other countries such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, Ukraine, etc. After psychological, gynecological, and physical screenings, the best candidate is selected for your journey. The relationship with the surrogate helping you is defined by you as per your comfort zone.


We strongly advise you to get in touch with our executive available over the phone call mentioned on our website. You can also drop us an email or drop a text so that we can contact you to give you a consultation regarding what you are searching for. Once you choose the program which is suitable for you then a legal contract is presented to you which clearly outlines both the parent and surrogate responsibilities. Once all parties are in agreement and the contract is consummated, we quickly proceed with the arrangements to begin the treatment cycle.

How Do We Proceed Here?

As soon as the pregnancy is confirmed, our legal advisors assist you with the application of a parental order on your behalf. This is not required always but usually depends on your country of residence. The name of the father appears on the birth certificate alongside the surrogate as a biological parent. In the case of same-sex fathers in a couple, there is an option available of each father being placed on a birth certificate in the event of twins.

LGBT Attorney

The surrogate legally relinquishes her rights before the birth of the child in the form of globally accepted attestation. In this process, your country residence requires a parental order, your interface with the attorney can be excluded if required. The attorney that you have selected from your country will serve your naive consultants and will advise you on the solutions related to issues involved in the drafting of a post-birth document that will protect your interests. This process is very straightforward and is concluded upon birth.

Miscellaneous Legalities

  • Gestational Surrogacy Agreement,
  • Assistance for Medical Visa,
  • Birth certificate of the babies,
  • Exit document Preparation,
  • Handling cost and other administration,

Intended parents need to stay for about 14 to 16 days and their stay can also be shortened to about 8 to 10 days if you start your medications prior to your arrival in India. For getting more insight details about the Surrogacy treatment cost in India, please drop us an email, we will shortly contact you. This is how Vinsfertility can help you whenever you reach us. We care for your privacy and ensure that your data is safe with us. So, reach us without any second thought.

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