Surrogacy in Kenya


Kenya has no law governing Surrogacy, however, has been offering surrogacy successfully to African patients for many years. Kenya’s capital Nairobi has many good quality IVF clinics run by successful Indian IVF professionals. Kenya is not recommended for foreigners unless you have a high-risk tolerance and are prepared for significant effort. Surrogacy cost in Kenya. Cost of Surrogacy is being the cheapest and most feasible option in Kenya for many couples around the world and surrogacy cost in the country currently ranges from $25000 to $37000. Moreover, the intended parents can bring on their own egg donors, sperm donors or embryo donors to the country.

Surrogacy in Kenya

Surrogacy options are available for both Couples and LGBT

Why to choose VinsFertility in Kenya

  • Best Surrogacy Doctors: Vins Fertility works its level best to find out the best surrogacy doctor for couples and singles who want to go for surrogacy procedure in the Kenya.
  • Free e-consultation before visit: Patients who consult doctors via Vins Fertility receive free e-consultation even before reaching the centre of choice for the respective infertility treatment. This helps patients get to know certain details of their respective case.
  • Find best surrogate for your case: Vins Fertility works its best to find the best surrogate for couples who are going for surrogacy procedure. The surrogate chosen needs to pass the eligibility criteria and accordingly, she can go ahead with the surrogacy procedure.
  • Time to time support:Vins Fertility offers timely support to patients who are choosing for surrogacy in the  Kenys. This helps patients to get clarifications for any doubts associated with any of the aspects of surrogacy procedure.
  • Most affordable treatment cost: Vins Fertility constantly strives to make sure that patients receive the best quality and low cost surrogacy procedure which seeks the desired results.
  • Hassle-free and transparent process: Patients need not worry about transparency linked to their surrogacy procedure, if they decide to take assistance of Vins Fertility for their family planning decisions. Patient experience is a top priority for team at Ela.
  • Psychological Support: Vins Fertility allots dedicated Vins specialists to each of the patients who counsel them during challenging phases in their treatment. In this way, patients can receive moral support as well during their chosen treatments.

About VinsFertility

Vins Fertility is one of the top healthcare facilitators across the world. It has built a flourishing network with hospitals and clinics across the world. Vins Fertility has provided assistance to 3000+ couples in their infertility treatments. These couples travel from countries such as United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Denmark, and Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, Ethiopia. The medical specialists at Vins Fertility make sure that they take care of the following aspects of the medical treatments of patients:

  • One to one counseling session
  • Complete travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Assisting in Legal arrangements
  • Matched Surrogate Selection
  • Improving patient’s experience during treatment
  • One FREE appointment with an experienced infertility specialist before starting with the travel for treatment.

Vinsfertility kenya

Advance lab and Experienced Doctors have helped couples who are looking for Gestational Surrogacy

Advanced IVF lab with latest technologies:

IVF laboratory is equipped with the most advanced and innovative technologies that ensure quality care and achieve high success rates.

Our lab features the latest cutting edge technologies including the time-lapse incubator to capture images of embryos developing, in a safe and controlled environment. These images from the high-tech incubator enable embryologists to evaluate embryos for better prediction of future developmental and implantation potential.

We have introduced standard operating procedures in our IVF lab so as to ensure that we meet high-quality standards and laboratory protocols.

Our lab has a robust quality management system and processes in place, in order to more efficiently help infertile couples in their quest to have a healthy baby.

The well trained and experienced clinical team:

We take pride in bringing together some of the best IVF specialists and embryologists trained abroad and with a proven track record in all areas of infertility treatment including IUI, IVF, ICSI, TESA, PESA, Surgical Hysteroscopy, Gynecologic Laparoscopy, etc.

We are affiliated with Europe’s largest fertility services provider to share technological know-how and medical expertise. Our doctors and embryologists work closely with this internationally-renowned clinicians with extensive expertise to give our patients the advantage of world-class treatment and to ensure the best international practices.



Process of Surrogacy in Kenya for International Patients

People from across the globe visit Kenya for surrogacy because of higher quality treatment at affordable costs. Please check out the process of surrogacy for intended parents and kick start your beautiful journey of parenthood!


Request for FREE Consultation

To get started, fill in the Vins Fertility consultation form with your basic details. It just takes 30 seconds to fill and submit a form.

Discussion with Vins Experts

Share your concerns and medical problems with your dedicated Vins Fertility Specialist who will guide you further in your surrogacy treatment in Kenya.

Getting Quotes from Preferred Surrogacy Clinics in Kenya

After understanding your medical, financial and legal aspects, Vins Fertility helps you in getting quotes from reputed and verified fertility centres in Kenya.

Picking the one that suits your requirement

You can choose the best fertility centre which matches your financial and medical requirements

Plan your travel to Kenya

Vins Fertility will help organize your travel arrangements so that you can visit the clinic and meet the surrogate mother in-person.

Entering into a Surrogacy Arrangement/Contract (legal part)

This will cover all the legal rights for intended parents, including that surrogate only carries the baby until birth.

Achieving Pregnancy through latest IVF technologies

For the health of future generations, Vins makes sure that modern reproductive technologies to be used during the process.

Completing the Delivery Process & Bringing your Baby Home​

After the birth, the next part comes transfering of legal parenthood so that you can bring your baby home.


                        Surrogacy Law In Kenya

Kenya is listed among the developing countries, which have not yet published any legally bounded regulations linked with performing surrogacy procedure. The practice of international surrogacy varies to a great extent from one country to another. This strictly depends on the current definite regulations of surrogacy in a country. Kenya is a country where surrogacy procedure is not completely prohibited. Commercial surrogacy is still permissible in Kenya, which proves to be useful. This popular type of surrogacy is performed in different surrogacy centres in Kenya. (Source: Standard Media) As there are no specific regulations for the practice of surrogacy procedure for national and international patients, it becomes more important that interested intended parents take best possible care of the legal aspects of the procedure to stay safe in the future. Couples must make sure that they consult a most experienced professional lawyer before going for a surrogacy procedure. This helps interested couples to avoid falling in the trap of illegal procedures that target the ones who are unaware of different aspects of surrogacy. As there is an increasing demand for surrogacy procedure in Kenya, experts feel that the parents need to be very careful with their Surrogacy procedure. (Source: In the year 2014, surrogacy experts in Kenya started putting their best foot forward to bring a permanent legal regulation linked to surrogacy. It’s still in the process however some headway has already been made. Heterosexual couples (for others there is still no law) have been already given the complete right to utilize surrogacy in various well-known surrogacy centres in Kenya. They can opt for gestational surrogacy in such clinics in Kenya. These specialized clinics offer quality surrogacy services to patients from across different parts of the world. As per this bill, a woman who is at least 25 years can become a surrogate mother and carry the baby in her womb, thus providing them with a baby at the end of the procedure. When the baby is born, the surrogate mother surrenders all the rights. This bill was introduced under the guidance of the expert lawyers in Kenya with the name of “The Reproductive Healthcare Bill, 2014”. This bill created a positive aura about surrogacy and related useful healthcare facilities in the country. In this bill, different aspects of gestational surrogacy are mentioned in details. The important aspects of this type of surrogacy, which are explained in the bill, include the right to gestational surrogacy, the agreement between the surrogate and intended parents. The consent of both the partners and the genetic origin of the child also form some of the basic components of the bill. The timing of fertilization of surrogate mother is also explained in detail in this bill. It has also specified that maternal care of best quality shall be offered with the assistance of medical practitioners, clinical officers, nurses, and community health workers. (Source: Sensible Surrogacy) Who can positively choose and undergo surrogacy procedure in Kenya? All couples including lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual and Heterosexual can choose for surrogacy procedure in Kenya.

Fertility Services



Intended parents across the world choose Kenya as their destination  for Surrogacy. 



Doctor team in Kenya are highly Experienced. Success rate is high and all latest Equipments are available.

Best Surrogacy doctors in Bangalore


Other Services Includes Sperm Test, HIV Sperm wash, Embryo Freezing, Embryo transportation (if needed from one country to another), Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, ICSI, IUI, PGD


Please select surrogacy Package and let us help you in Parenthood dream of yours.


Basic Package


Standard Package


Advance Package


93 %


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Before initiation few points needed to be considered

1. Intended Parent(s) will have to take Yellow Fever and Typhoid   Inoculations at least 10   days  before   the travel date, as a protocol,     before travelling to any African   country.

 2. Once the IPs land in Nairobi, we   provide the   airport pick-up with the   driver facility.

3. Our Full-time manager will be   available to   assist you during your   entire stay in Kenya.

4. As a Vins  service, we provide complimentary car and driver for local movements in Nairobi.

5. If the surrogate mother is finalized before arrival, we will organize a meeting of IPs with the surrogate. If not, our manager will assist in surrogate selection lunch date.

6. With Kenya as one of the most sought-after tourist destination of African continent, Vins Fertility also assist in organizing local tours around Nairobi for a few days.

Intended Parents reviews

In limited cost we as Single parents has to pay huge amount in USA but due to Vins Fertility we have managed it in under our Budget
chew kok kiong
Chew Kok Kiong
Its always difficult for a LGBT Couples to have surroggacy in Economical Package. Vins has managed the Surrogacy Program in 35,000$ USD AND MAKE IT SUCCCESSFUL IN FIRST ATTEMPT ITSELF
In Denmark Surrogacy is Very Difficult to proceedd. We have opted for Cypprus through Vins Fertility as we are not sure about Kenya but atlast we have decided to opt for kenya and it works.
Mike Stuart

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why to opt for Surrogacy in Kenya

In kenya Surrogacy starts with 30,000$ USD and all equipments are available. Its all about baby and we assure you that we will facilitate best treatment in Kenya. We use pgd  and PGS for genetical abnormalities determinatioon.

IS Kenya Safe ?

Its completely safe as we have our surroggate mother staying in Surrogate homes . We manage Skype calling with surrogate mother and proper ultrasound report of baby will be shared.

IS Guaranteed Package Available?

In kenya Guaranteed Package will cost around 55,000$ USD. We have Caucasian donors available in Kenya. In Every fresh Embryo transfer we change Surrogate mother.

For how long we have to stay in Kenya ?

The period of stay is 3 days with Self egg and 15 Days with Donor Egg. In case the medication starts before visit then it just take 3 days.

LGBT Couples allowed or Not?

LGBT Couples can take surrogacy in Kenya. Its one of most preferred location for Single Parents Surrogacy.

How to handle baby Passport?

Baby Exit Process is completely Handled by Vins Fertility. We have our Legal team in Kenya and we will be handling baby passport and Exit Process.

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