Guaranteed Twins Surrogacy Program

Guaranteed Twins Surrogacy Program

About Us

Vinsfertility is a leading fertility centre in India, providing quality fertility treatments to couples and helping them build their families through surrogacy. We wish to become a beacon of hope for you and become a part of your story as we strive hard together to achieve the ultimate goal of having a child.

The Guaranteed Surrogacy Program includes-

Surrogate mother’s Compensation

We make sure that the surrogate mothers are properly screened and once selected, the surrogate mother is compensated for the time and efforts she spends to have a baby for you. This cost is payable in installments. 

Multiple Embryo Transfer to Surrogate mother

If you want twin babies, then it is more reasonable both financially and time wise to have multiple embryos transferred to the surrogate mother. We make sure to transfer the healthiest embryos, for which the best quality eggs and sperm are selected (self or donor).

9 Months Accommodation and Care Taking

Once the embryos have been transferred, the surrogate mother stays at the surrogate home. We ensure that the surrogate and the baby are well taken care of in a Covid Free environment. Surrogate home fulfils all the needs of the surrogate mother like- lodging, food, medical tests and more.  

Insurance for Uterus Loss

There are chances that the surrogate mother might suffer a uterus loss during the surrogacy process. If this happens, it is not possible to have a baby ever again. The process will be restarted with a different surrogate mother. To cover that loss, the amount payable is already included in the program.

Delivery Included

At the time of delivery, you need not pay any additional charges. The delivery charges (C-section or normal) are included in this Guaranteed Twins Surrogacy Program. 

Twin Babies

After the delivery of your twin babies, you can finally take them home after months long marathon i.e surrogacy.

Birth Certificate

It is our duty to provide you the Birth Certificates of your twin babies, which will state you as their legal birth parents. 

Legal Fee

Before beginning with the surrogacy process, we provide you with a lawyer, who handles all the legal costs incurred during the process. This also includes the formation of the Surrogacy Agreement, a document which is signed by you (intended parents), surrogate mother and us. This document ensures that after the birth of the child, the surrogate mother will have no legal custody of the child and will hand it over to you.

Misscarriage Coverage

If the surrogate mother experiences a misscarriage during the surrogacy process, we will restart the entire process again. This cost is also included in the program.

Guaranteed Surrogacy Program

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