How Much Does it Cost for IVF in Chennai India

How Much Does it Cost for IVF in Chennai India

Resolve Your Infertility Issues by Getting The Right IVF Treatment Cost in Chennai

IVF is one of the quick-fix medications which easily disentangle the issues related to the infertility. Infertility is considered as the common disorder, which occurs due to several reasons that may include  your diet, environmental factor, alcohol addiction, chewing tobacco etc. Thus, it is always suggested to maintain a healthy routine and live your life with good habits. Anyone who is facing infertility issues may go through the natural cycle of fertilization and one such solution is Test tube baby treatment in Chennai. When we talk about the IVF cost in Chennai then the prices that our Vinsfertility experts suggest to you are quite reasonable. Reach us out to get the entire information regarding IVF treatment. Infertility is a disorder that has been faced by millions of people around the world in the past few years. But no worries for now as we have brought the best solutions to you.

IVF Treatment Cost Breakdown (2023-2024)

Initial Consultation5,000 - 10,000First meeting with fertility specialist to assess needs and plan treatment.
Diagnostic Tests15,000 - 25,000Includes blood tests, ultrasounds, semen analysis, etc., to evaluate fertility status.
Ovarian Stimulation60,000 - 80,000Medications to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs.
Monitoring20,000 - 30,000Regular ultrasounds and blood tests during ovarian stimulation to monitor egg development.
Egg Retrieval35,000 - 50,000Surgical procedure to collect eggs from the ovaries.
Sperm Preparation10,000 - 15,000Processing of sperm sample for fertilization.
Fertilization20,000 - 30,000In vitro fertilization of eggs and sperm in the lab.
Embryo CultureIncluded in Fertilization CostGrowing embryos in the lab for a few days post-fertilization.
Embryo Transfer25,000 - 35,000Placing the embryo(s) into the uterus.
Medications Post-Transfer10,000 - 15,000Hormonal support post embryo transfer.
Pregnancy Test1,000 - 2,000Blood test to confirm pregnancy about two weeks after embryo transfer.
Total Estimated Cost for Standard IVF Cycle1.2 - 1.6 LakhCost for Standard IVF
IVF Treatment with Self Egg1.2 - 2.2 LakhSingle Cycle Cost
IVF with Donor Egg2.75 - 3 LakhSingle Cycle Cost
IVF with ICSI1.75 - 1.85 LakhSingle Cycle Cost
IVF Treatment with Donor Sperm2.1 LakhSingle Cycle Cost
IVF with Laser Assisted Hatching2.2 LakhSingle Cycle Cost
IVF with PGD/PGS Technique2.75 - 3 LakhPreimplantation Genetic Diagnosis/Screening

Reasonable Cost of IVF treatment in Chennai

IVF cost in Chennai is planned in a decent structure and thus ranked as one of the most reasonable IVF treatments in India. We are providing decently structured IVF costing in Chennai as we understand the problem of our patients. Although IVF treatment is based on a bargain-basement cost, the clinic never compromises regarding his facilities and the ultra-modern technology that they are using in their treatment. Once you contact us we ensure to provide affordable and cost-efficient treatment. IVF is the foremost chosen and efficacious treatment which can deal with your infertility issue whether you are a male or female. 

Procedure of IVF Treatment in Chennai

When you are going through the IVF treatment you can take medication, eggs and sperms that are obtained from the infertile partner for the process of fertilization which is carried out in the laboratory. During the initial stage of this treatment, the fertility medication is given to the female partner so that her eggs can be stimulated. Once the eggs get mature enough, they are retrieved using a thin needle. In the process of egg retrieval, the semen sample is taken by the male partner. Fertilization process is then carried out by merging the sperm and egg altogether in a same petri dish. The fertilized egg becomes embryo within 3-4 days when the fertilization (sperm fuses with the egg) is done in the lab. At the time of blastocyst stage, two of the best embryos are selected and placed into the uterus of the female for the implantation process. If the implantation is achieved successfully, then the chances of being pregnant will be more.

IVF is the universal remedy to treat infertility and we can help you with the best treatment that you are looking for in your Chennai location. IVF is the treatment, which is carried out with many other techniques in order to get positive outcomes such as ICSI, IMSI, SSR (Sperm Surgical Retrieval), Egg donation procedure, Sperm donation procedure etc.

IVF Cost Chennai is categorized into the following:-

  • IVF Cost Chennai Using own Eggs and own Sperm

This treatment is suggested to the patient when both male and female unleashes the healthy & fine quality of sperm and eggs at the time of fertilization process. IVF Cost in Chennai costs around Rs. 2 lakh when the couple use their own egg & sperm.

  • IVF Cost Chennai Using Donor Egg

IVF treatment using the egg donor is recommended to those infertile couples where female partner is unable to provide good quality eggs. In this process, the egg donor gives her own eggs for the fertilization procedure. Once the eggs are received by the donor, later on these eggs are combined with the sperms for the fertilization process. IVF Cost in Chennai is using the egg donor facility which cost around 3 lakhs.

  • IVF Cost Chennai using Donor sperm

Donor of the sperm with IVF treatment is preferred by those couples, where male partner is unable to produce motile and active sperm, due to which the female is unable to give birth. Here, the sperm from the male donor is used at the time of the fertilization. IVF Cost in Chennai using donor sperm cost around 2 lakh Rupees.

Why to Choose IVF Treatment in India to treat Infertility Issues?

Vinsfertility is one of the reliable and trustworthy clinics where you will find top solutions to eradicate your infertility issues if you have chances to crack it. We can provide you with the list of top successful specialists of IVF centre in Chennai who are able to handle any complexity of the patient related to infertility. You will get the full satisfaction by getting the best counselling with our Vinsfertility experts. We don’t have any hidden charges and the entire procedure is carried out without any hassle. The success rate of IVF treatment in Chennai is around 60 to 65%. 

Chennai IVF – Success Rates of Infertility Specialists

Our trusted doctor in Chennai provides the highest success rates in the treatment of IVF. The recorded IVF success rate is about 65 percent in women who are under the age of 40 years. It is way too higher than the global average of 40-50%. You must be aware of a sophisticated new technology also known as PGS that can further improve IVF success rate. It is so because it allows the doctor to select the best quality embryo. At times when we have patients who have been dejected after failed IVF treatments at other clinics reach us and we make them realize that there is a different protocol that needs to be used for their treatment. However, there are many factors that decide the success or failure of IVF, and these factors are different for each couple.

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