What Is The Test Tube Baby Cost In Delhi?

What Is The Test Tube Baby Cost In Delhi?

Test-Tube baby is the process of successful human reproduction through artificial means. This method works beyond manual, sexual, and human intercourse. In short, this means that the baby is born with the help of medical interventions and laboratory techniques. The science behind this method is mixing sperm (from a male partner) and Egg (from a female partner) in laboratory settings.

The Test Tube Baby Cost In Delhi includes the different cycles, medications, standard diagnosing, and the prescription by the doctors. The cost may go far off 2.5 lakh per cycle. Many couples often face issues while opting for such procedures because of cost. But we at Vinsfertility give you the exact and accurate rates for each process. We have helped couples suffering from infertility issues and the impotence to conceive naturally.

Let’s read further to seek knowledge regarding the cost of a test tube baby.

What is Test Tube Baby?

Test Tube Baby means having a baby without using manual intercourse, sexual energy, and human power. The procedure help to conceive the baby outside the female’s body. With the development of science & technology, it is now possible to develop the embryo by mixing the sperms & egg of both the intending parents or partners. The process is also known as  In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Earlier, when the things were in infancy stage, the process was known as “test-tube baby”. The process is now called In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), in which eggs and sperm are mixed in a petri dish. Many people have developed a myth that a test-tube baby means the baby being born in a test tube. Others are there who are not fully aware of the process. Let’s understand the things, definitions, and functions in detail. Understanding things will help you go with the right decision.

How is the Baby Born through Test Tube Baby Process?

Test-Tube baby is the process of at least five different cycles. At each stage, you must undergo medical testing for your body, semen, or even your Egg, as prescribed by the doctor. Although baby conception through test-tube is complex, you can get a baby born with a healthy body and mind, meaning that the success rate is good (if the age factor is appropriate). Moreover, the five different cycles of the process include the following:

# Step 1: Hormone Therapy & Egg Production

Here, the female partner is given various medicines, injections, and doses to promote the growth of eggs. One of the injectable hormones helping with this process is gonadotropins. The final method of this cycle is to have the matured Egg, which may require nearly 36 hours. Thereafter, using the HCG injections, the health practitioners may proceed with the egg collections with safe & secure methods.

# Step 2: Eggs Retrieval

After hormonal therapy, the Egg is retrieved from the female’s body with the help of a minor medical procedure. Your doctor may provide sedatives or anesthesia to prepare you or avoid any potential discomfort during the process. Next, your doctor or healthcare provider will take a vaginal ultrasound and needle testing to collect mature egg samples. These eggs will be needed to fertilize with the sperm.

# Step 3: Sperm Collection

Since sperms have very low lifespan, i.e, 72 hours after the retrieval; the day female egg is retrieved, the male’s sperms are sent for analysis. Sperm collection is another crucial test. The doctor may suggest your male partner to go through semen testing, helping to determine the infertility level of the male partner. Once the laboratory assistants are capable to retrieve the mature eggs from female’s body, they continue with the process of fertilization of both the sperms and the eggs to make an embryo.

# Step 4: Petri Dish

Here, the content (including the sperms & eggs) are taken in the petri dish. With the help of laboratory settings, the doctor mixes the content. You need to be patient at this level because there is the possibility that it may take time as dependency is high. At this time, your doctor may send the sample for testing multiple times for cross-checking the chances of baby birth.

Once the embryo starts developing, the healthcare provider may send the content for screening. This helps monitor the content, ensure whether the embryo is growing as it should be, and then transfer the content into the female’s uterus.

# Step 5: Final Transfer

The final step is to transfer the prepared embryo into the female partner’s uterus. Your doctor/healthcare practitioner will then utilize catheter to transfer at least two or three embryos in the female’s body. The mother-to-be is examined under the guidance, complete analysis of the hormones, injections and the overall support is given to the uterus, to strengthen its inner lining. The hormones at this stage increase the potential of the reproductive organs to store the growing fetus.

Is Test Tube Baby and IVF the same?

As stated above, both IVF and test-tube babies are the same procedures. Decades ago, the process was known as “Test-tube baby”. But, now it is known as IVF. The name came into being after the general idea that an embryo is formed in a test tube. Here, the healthcare practitioner may utilize petri dish to mix the reproductive content of both male & female partners. Hence, the name was coined test-tube baby or in-vitro fertilization, where in-vitro is meant “glass culture”.

You may have believed that IVF and test tube babies are different. Even many hospitals & fertility centers charge differently when it comes to service the procedure. Even today, there is a social stigma that overburdens the medical processes. Trust our brand value and gives us the chance to retrieve the eggs and help you with the further process of fertilization!

With the increasing trend of late marriages, baby birth is getting a problem. IVF or test tube baby is one procedure helping such people conceive and overcome infertility diseases with the help of medical interventions.

Who can have Test Tube Baby Process?

Babies add meaning to life; they complete you in all aspects. Be it the pressure from society, or the personal stigma, having a baby makes your life pleasurable. You can have a baby through a test tube or IVF, if:

  • You are suffering from any infection due to removal of reproductive part (s) for ectopic pregnancy.
  • The intending parent or female partner may have multiple follicles developed in your uterus.
  • The female partner has developed ruptured follicles, creating significant issues for space and conceiving the baby. In such cases, even after 6-8 cycles of fertility treatment, you may not develop a healthy or growing fetus.
  • With decreased ovarian reserve, you can proceed with a test tube baby.
  • If your age is above 35 or 38 and your uterus has lost its capability to hold a healthy baby
  • You have been going through various infertility issues like PCOS, PCOD, and any undetectable reason.

Moreover, the treatment for any infertility comes with emotional phases, willpower, confidence and trust in the doctor and the process, and mental stability. Also, you may require to uphold lot of strength, emotions, feelings and social stigma of not having a baby. This is because IVF or test-tube baby requires lot of trial & error methods. You need to go through lot of injections, laboratory testings, doses and other analysis. This is why many doctors suggest doing natural conceiving one more time before trying any artificial treatment.

What is Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi?

The essential cost for one cycle of test-tube or IVF includes diagnosis, medication, hormonal injections, and different procedures prescribed by IVF doctors. The IVF cost in India is nearly INR 1 lakh to INR 2 lakh per cycle. In reality, it may rise to more than INR 15 lakh if you sum up the process and the number of cycles. Moreover, the method may vary from person to person and clinic to clinic, or even doctor to doctor. The doctor’s experience helps to determine the success rate of the medical procedure. It is not that after having a test-tube baby, your infertility will vanish. Indeed, it will only help you provide fertility support to conceive. 

Types of IVF or Test Tube Baby Procedure Average Cost (Without Medicines or Injections)** Tentative
IVF Programme Per Cycle INR 1.2 Lakh to INR 1.6 Lakh
IVF Treatment Cost with Intended Parents own Egg INR 1.2 Lakh to INR 2.2 Lakh
IVF Cost with Donor Egg INR 2.75 Lakh to INR 3 Lakh
IVF Treatment with Donor Sperm INR 2 Lakh
IVF with Other Treatments

(Like Laser Hatching, ICSI, PICSI or with PGS/PGD Technique)

Above INR 2 Lakh

To learn more about IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi, different procedures to conceive through medical interventions & learn about IVF/test-tube baby cycles, you can connect with the executives of Vinsfertility.

What Factors Decide the Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi?

One cycle of test-tube includes a list of processes. The process of IVF includes the five other procedures, like –

  • IVF with Egg,
  • IVF with Sperm or Embryo Donor,
  • IVF with TESA, MESA or PESA
  • IVF with Laser Assisted Hatching
  • IVF with PICSI, IVF with PGD, or other techniques

If there is any infertility issue in males, there are still options to attain parenthood with the ICSI procedure. The typical cost for test-tube may rise above 2 lakh for one cycle, excluding the medications.

When Should You Choose Infertility Programs Like Test Tube Baby or IVF?

There are many reasons which contribute to male or female infertility. Infertility (in medical terms) is the inability to conceive. It further includes the various other definitions :

  • The inability of opposite-sex partner to conceive even after a trial of sexual intercourse for one year or unprotected sex for one year.
  • If you have gone through successful attempt of trial for the baby, and you are above the age of 35; the factor of age may further increase the inability to conceive.
  • The inability of the female partner to conceive after sexual activities for six months and a medical trial of artificial insemination over one year.
  • Defines the inability of a female partner to conceive even after three trials of medical interventions like artificial insemination over six months of time.

Any person going through the issues mentioned above is liable to take the help of medical interventions like IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, etc., only if they want to conceive or have babies.


You may often have the chance of failure even if you take the help of medical science and the process like a test-tube baby. Also, you may likely to face the physical challenge, emotional toll, or a lot of medical therapies to have a healthy baby. It will help if you speak to your gynecologist or healthcare provider to determine the best option. You can ask for support from the counselors, committees, or particular groups to go through the process.


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