IVF Treatment in Morpheus Juhu Hospital, Mumbai

IVF Treatment in Morpheus Juhu Hospital, Mumbai

Morpheus Juhu IVF Fertility Hospital is one of the first and largest chains of Indo- German fertility centres. We are associated with a team of leading gynecologists who have a cumulative experience of about 500+ years in the field of infertility. Here you will be able to find the latest state of the art equipment, in a house team of trained embryologists, maintaining the international quality standards, within the uniform and fair pricing. You can get in touch with the best infertility specialists in Mumbai to treat your infertility. We can make it possible for you to enjoy parenthood without any hassle. We are using the latest advanced ART technologies that will help you overcome your infertility issues. We have a team of specialists in Reproductive Medicine, Embryologists, Andrologists, Ultrasonologists, and Counselors that are always available to help you to let you live your dream of parenthood.

What is the Cost of Morpheus Juhu IVF Fertility Hospital Treatment in Mumbai 2020?

The cost of Morpheus Juhu IVF Fertility Hospital in Mumbai ranges between Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 2.5 Lakh in which the medications are not included. The cost of medications varies as per the infertility treatment that you are going to have after consulting with your healthcare professional. The various factors of the cost of IVF treatment depend upon the medical history and other treatments along with IVF. For more details, you can contact Vinsfertility experts anytime.

City Indian Rupee
Minimum IVF Treatment Cost INR 1,25,000 to INR 2,00,000
Basic IVF Treatment Cost INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,25,000
Advanced IVF Treatment Cost INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,50,000

Costs of IVF Treatments in Different Cities

City Average Cost per IVF Treatment Cycle ( excluding Medicines and Blood Tests)
Mumbai Rs. 2,00,000- Rs. 3,00,000
Bangalore Rs. 1,60,000- Rs. 1,75,000
Chennai Rs. 1,45,000- Rs. 1,60,000
Delhi Rs. 90,000- Rs. 1, 25,000

Find The Best Fertility Doctors in Morpheus Juhu Fertility Hospital

Have a look at the top fertility doctors in Morpheus Juhu IVF Fertility Hospital in Mumbai

1. Dr. Sheetal Sawankar

dr sheetal sawankar

Specialized – MBBS, DNB (Obst & Gynae), MNAMS, Diploma in Reproductive Medicine (Germany), Fellowship in Advanced Infertility & ART, Masters in Reproductive Medicine (UK) Morpheus Juhu Fertility Center

Experience – 12 Years Experience Overall  (12 years as a specialist)

Dr.Sheetal Sawankar is General Manager – Gynecology & Fertility at Morpheus Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. and also operates as Medical Director of Morpheus Juhu Fertility Center. She has pursued her Diploma in Reproductive Medicine & Embryology from the International School of Medicine in Keil, Germany. She also completed her Masters in Reproductive Medicine from Homerton University Hospital Foundation Trust, London, UK. Prior to joining Morpheus IVF, she has acquired specialization in Infertility management with substantial work experience at Rotunda IVF Center & Seven Hills Hospital. Dr.Sheetal Sawankar is one of the Best IVF Doctor in Mumbai. She has several chapters published on the subject in various textbooks and has attended multiple conferences, CMEs, and workshops. Dr. Sheetal has extensive experience in handling various fertility problems like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, and Recurrent Implantation failure and has a special interest in Minimal Stimulation IVF and natural cycle IVF for poor responders.

She is specialized in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) including Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). She is also an expert in Minimally Invasive Surgeries such as Testicular/ Epididymal Sperm Aspiration(TESA), Micro Epididymal Sperm Aspiration(MESA), Endoscopic Surgery. The Mumbai Obstetric and Gynecology Society(MOGS) also awarded her with Shantabai Gulabchand Travelling Fellowship for overseas studies in 2015. A year later, she received Dr. N.A. Purandare award for the paper presentation on “Comparison of IVF outcomes between Minimal stimulation and Conventional high dose stimulation for patients with Poor Ovarian Reserve” during the MOGS Annual Conference.

Awards Won:

  • MOGS R. D. Pandit Essay writing competition on “Reproductive Health Is Wealth. It Needs Planning And Investment”.
  • MOGS Dr N.A. Purandare award for the paper presentation on “Comparison of IVF outcomes between Minimal stimulation and Conventional high dose stimulation for patients with Poor Ovarian Reserve” in MOGS Annual Conference 2014-2015.
  • MOGS Dr. Shantabai Gulabchand Travelling Fellowship for overseas studies in the year 2015-2016.

What is the Success Rate of Morpheus Juhu IVF Fertility Hospital 2020?

The success rate of IVF treatment in Morpheus Juhu fertility centre of Mumbai goes around 65% – 75% on average. The success rate may change from clinic to clinic and one location to another depending upon several factors. As the success rate of the treatment increases, it will also lead to an increase in the IVF cost in Mumbai also. Other factors that may affect the IVF treatment cost in Mumbai can be the unique medical history of pregnancy and miscarriages, expertise of doctors, and most importantly the patient feedback of the fertility hospital or the clinic.

Morpheus Juhu Hospital Amenities & Facilities

In order to serve our patients with all the latest ART techniques, we are 24/7 hr available to you at Morpheus Juhu infertility center in Mumbai. We ensure that you will get here the unmatched expertise of the specialists having years of experience in dealing with infertility issues. We have the right skilled professionals who are treating their infertile couple for decades. The patients are served here with the help of high-tech IVF facilities. Morpheus Juhu Hospital in Mumbai ensures to serve his patients with the highest standard of treatment and provide customized treatment facilities to ensure that the desired results are achieved. Here, our fertility doctors have been offering the best possible treatments to patients for more than two decades.

How Vinsfertility Can Help You?

Our experts can help you find the best suitable IVF or Infertility treatment in Mumbai near your location or area. We will provide you the complete details of affordable IVF costs in Mumbai that you can avail of without any hidden costs. IVF cost in Mumbai is quite reasonable in Morpheus Juhu fertility Hospital than in other cities. To find the best IVF clinic or hospital you can visit Vinsfertility and contact experts if you have any queries.


What is the cost of IVF treatment in India?

The IVF Cost in India (including all surgical and diagnostic procedures, tests, and treatments) normally ranges between Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 1.25 Lakh per cycle.

Which month is best for IVF?

In order to make a successful pregnancy, there should be an increased level of the hormone to conceive through IVF treatments. During the spring months, the neurons in the brain produce higher levels of gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH). Research says that IVF cycles during the months of March to September show higher success rates.

How long should you wait before IVF?

Many women think that IVF is their first option to conceive but the reality is that first, you should try to get pregnant naturally. There are many fertility doctors who will tell you to try natural pregnancy first. If you are of the age group 30 to 35 years then you should try for at least six months and if it’s not working, then you go for infertility treatment first.

Is IVF treatment painful?

During egg retrieval, your doctor will give you sedation and pain medication so the procedure itself will not be painful at all. After the procedure, you might experience some mild cramping or feelings of pressure.

Is 2 eggs enough for IVF?

Those women who are undergoing in vitro fertilization should not have more than 2 embryos to be implanted as per the study.

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