ICSI Cost in Aurangabad: Low-Cost ICSI Centres in Aurangabad

ICSI Cost in Aurangabad: Low-Cost ICSI Centres in Aurangabad

ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is a simple procedure done with IVF to ensure the fertilization of the egg, typically used in cases of severe male infertility. 

What is ICSI Treatment?

To fertilize a woman’s egg, the head of the sperm must attach to the outside of the egg firstly. Once attached, the sperm pushes through the outer layer to the inside of the egg (cytoplasm), where fertilization takes place. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons like the thickness of the egg’s outer layer or the inability of the sperm to swim, the sperm cannot penetrate the outer layer. In such cases, a procedure called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can be done along with in vitro fertilization (IVF) to help fertilize the egg. 

ICSI can also be done in case the male partner produces too few sperm to do artificial insemination (intrauterine insemination – IUI) or IVF.

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Cost of ICSI Treatment in Aurangabad

ICSI Cost in Aurangabad is around INR 1, 60,000 – INR 2, 00,000. The package provided by the center may or may not include the cost of medications and injections. The cost also depends on many other factors and varies from center to center as per the facilities provided within the package. All the details must be confirmed beforehand to avoid any extra hidden cost while choosing ICSI treatment at any center.

How to Find the Best ICSI Centre in Aurangabad

Are you confused about finding a suitable infertility clinic in Aurangabad? Given below is a list of top ICSI Centres in Aurangabad. Contact Vinsfertility to find the details about the centers that are offering affordable charges to treat infertility in Aurangabad. We can help you in offering the cheapest ICSI treatment services with the Top ICSI Specialists in Aurangabad. Book a free consultation with Vinsfertility experts and get connected with the top-rated ICSI expert near your location.

Top ICSI Centres in Aurangabad With High Success Rate

Here is the list of top ICSI centers in Aurangabad and ICSI specialists with high success rate in 2021-

1. Samarth Hospital – IVF, Fertility center, Aurangabad

Located at the heart of the Aurangabad City, Samarth Hospital specializes in IVF, Infertility Management and Assisted Reproduction Techniques. The fertility clinic is well known to have the state of the art infrastructure and advanced techniques to treat all problems relating to infertility. The center provides personalized care and treatment as per the needs and requirements of the intended couple at affordable cost. The center has a team of dedicated and experienced doctors who use newer techniques in the medical field and scientific approach. The center offers a wide range of infertility treatments including IVF / ICSI, IUI, Laparoscopy, PESA / TESA, Blastocyst Culture, and Surrogacy.

Esteemed Panel of Infertility Doctors

  • Dr. Harshlata Laddha (Infertility Specialist, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist)

Address: 1, Srinagar Society, Opposite Vnkatesh Mangal Karyalay, Garkheda, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431005

Ratings 4.8/5 (272 Google reviews)

2. Indira IVF, Aurangabad

Indira IVF Hospital is known to be one of the best fertility centers with branches all over the country.  Indira IVF Aurangabad offers full-fledged IVF and Test Tube Baby treatment at a reasonable price from qualified IVF specialists/doctors to achieving pregnancy. Indira IVF has a team of well qualified and experienced IVF, ICSI, and Surrogacy experts who practice ethical and effective methods. The center has the most advanced medical technologies, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and renowned infertility specialists that work closely with you to develop a tailored and personalized fertility solution to enhance the chances of your pregnancy.

Esteemed Panel of Infertility Doctors

  • Dr. Pavan Devendra Bendale (Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist)
  • Dr. Dhondiram Bharati (Gynaecologist & IVF Specialist)

Address: Kohli Shopping Complex, Gurish Market Seven Hills Corporation, Jalna Road, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001

Ratings 5.0/5 (53 Google reviews)

3. Endoworld Hospital, Aurangabad 

Endoworld Hospital is a Superspeciality Hospital offering multiple services including Infertility management, Gynecological endoscopy, Neonatal, and pediatric care. The clinic is well-equipped with all modern facilities to offer the best infertility treatment plan for individual couples as per their medical conditions. The center provides male and female infertility solutions such as IVF Treatment, ICSI Treatment with a wide range of other services and treatments such as  Laparoscopy, Labour Analgesia, NICU,  Casualty & Orthopedic.

Esteemed Panel of Infertility Doctors

  • Dr. Pandit Palaskar (Gynecological Endoscopic Surgeon IVF-ICSI Infertility Specialist)

Address: 723, Chikalthana, Opposite the Airport, behind Petrol Pump, MIDC Industrial Area, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431001

Ratings 3.9/5 (90 Google reviews)

4. Smita’s Infertility Center & Maternity, Aurangabad 

Established by Dr. Smita Kathale, Smita’s Infertility Center & Maternity Clinic in Aurangabad is a fertility clinic treating a variety of male and female infertility issues. Dr. Smita has many awards and accolades to her name in the field of infertility. The fertility clinic is well known to have the state of the art infrastructure and advanced techniques to treat all problems relating to infertility. The center provides personalized care and treatment as per the needs and requirements of the intended couple. The center offers treatment to multiple infertility issues  including ICSI, IUI, IVF, Low Sperm Count Treatment (Male infertility), Low Sperm Motility Treatment, Endoscopic(Laparoscopic) Surgery Fertility Enhancement, Donor Program and Surrogacy.

Esteemed Panel of Infertility Doctors

  • Dr. Smita Kathale (IVF Specialist)

Address: Plot no 1, Sector, opposite Vivekanand garden, near, TV Center Chowk, N 12, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431003

Ratings 4.5/5 (32 Google reviews)

5. Umang IVF Center & Maternity Hospital, Aurangabad 

Umang IVF fertility centre is a well known fertility clinic in Aurangabad that offers personalized fertility care using the most advanced assisted reproductive technologies. The center owns a team of highly experienced and renowned doctors that strives to provide tailor made and personalized treatment plans to the intended couples as per their medical condition, needs and requirement. The center provides evidence-based treatment and transparency in all interactions and has advanced technological instruments. The center offers multiple male and female fertility solutions including IVF, ICSI, IMSI, Blastocyst Culture & Transfer Andrology Lab, IUI, DNA Fragmentation test, Sperm Banking, Surgical Sperm Retrieval – Tesa, Pesa, Mesa, Test, Egg Donation, Embryo Donation, Embryo Freezing, and Sperm Freezing.

Esteemed Panel of Infertility Doctors

  • Dr. Ashwini Deshmukh (Infertility Specialist, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist)

Address: Plot No. 32, NS-1, F-sector, Moraya mangal Karyalaya road, Maharashtra 431003

Ratings 5.0/5 (2 Google reviews)

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