Infertility related issues in Women

Infertility related issues in Women

Blocked Fallopian tubes

Fallopian tubes are normally blocked by defect tissue or pelvic adhesions. Blocked fallopian tubes are a general cause of infertility. Sperm and an egg meet in the fallopian tube for fertilization, which allows the flow of egg cells from the ovaries to the uterus when it is free. To recognize the problem, doctors may use x-rays taken next a radiopaque contrast agent is shot into the cervix (hysterosalpingography), do ultrasonography after a salt solution is added inside the uterus (sonohysterography), or view the organs through a viewing tube (laparoscope) inserted through an incision just below the navel. The medical term for a blocked fallopian tube is called tubal occlusion. 

Treatment- Laparoscopy or hysteroscopy to displace or eliminate any unusual tissue. Surgery can be performed to fix a fallopian tube broken by an ectopic pregnancy or an infection. IVF (In vitro fertilization) is another wonderful treatment choice. At last Surrogate carriers is the guaranteed option that involves another woman carrying a fertilized embryo to course.

What is a good AMH level for IVF

AMH or Anti-Mullerian Hormone is produced by the granulosa cells in your ovarian follicles. A blood test will simply give you the result. Before choosing for IVF treatment, the patient requires an AMH test like how equally important to know the count of the follicles. AMH level indicates to know the quality, reserve, ability to produce & fertility rate of the follicle egg. The normal value interpretation of AMH is over 1.0ng/ml.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) 

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) strikes between (12-13years of age) in a woman and lasts till 45 years, causing difficulties with menstrual periods and make it challenging for her to conceive affecting about 6 to 10% of women. PCOD is described by various multiple cysts or single cyst (polycystic) in the ovaries. It makes the ovary expand and drives to extreme production of androgen and estrogen hormones creating several bodily issues. The cause of PCOD is unknown. 

Signs & Symptoms of PCOD:

Infertility, Abnormal or irregularity of menses, Excess hair growth (most definite of the facial hair) Oily skin leading to acne/pimples, an increase of weight (obesity/overweight), and mood swings (pre-menstrual syndrome), mental stress etc,

Symptoms of pregnancy after ovulation

A missed period is the first sign of pregnancy, when a fertilized egg attaches to the flank of the uterus, a woman will experience her pregnancy as soon as(15-18) days of ovulation which shows an accurate result (if checked). The pioneer days of pregnancy may include abdominal cramping, Nausea occurs which is a common indication. The other common symptoms include- Fatigue, Bloating, Food cravings, mood swings, Headache, Constipation, Nasal congestion, etc.

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