Food that increase semen

Food that increase semen

Semen is released during ejaculation, and the normal semen volume ranges from 2-5ml per ejaculate. Anything below will be considered as low volume and require medical attention to improve semen quality first a person should switch habits that can change life for anyone who is dedicated to bringing happiness. Diet and nutrition play an essential role in the improvement of sperm quality, motility, and volume.

Some foods can boost semen quality such as

Banana, Broccoli: A green vegetable full of folic acid. Turmeric Super high in Vitamin C most fish, especially wild salmon, cod, and haddock, fermented nuts and seeds, Oranges, Pomegranate juice, etc can be found in many regions of India.


Q.Is spinach (Palak) good for semen?

Ans-Spinach is rich in nutrients and low-calorie that regulates blood sugar, maintains weight, and boosts the immune system also controls aging, these all play an important factor for a male to produce healthy semen.

Q. Are Smoothies best known for semen booster?

Ans- There is no better way to start a day with a glass of green smoothie, but low sugar fruits to eat because sugars are not great for egg health. It will be best to go with green apples, pears, berries, mangos, kiwi, citrus fruits, chia seed, flaxseed, cinnamon, cardamom, maca powder, spirulina the possibilities are limitless and these are all great choices for fertility

Q. Food that decreases semen quality?

Ans-Surprisingly Dairy products are worst for male fertility high fat like cream and cheese that lowers semen motility productions. Eating too much fat and sugar is deadly to sperm. Likewise, Large quantities of soy, which carries estrogen, can wreck sperm gathering. Alcohol -doctors recommend no more than (10-12) drinks a week is acceptable.

Q.Is There an Age Limit to Male Fertility?

Ans-The effects of aging on fertility have been seen far less in men than in women until and unless he is medically unfit in reproduction, inculcated with the habits of the drug addict, smoking & alcohol addiction for longer periods. Whereas in healthy medically fit, men can prolong to have sustainable fertility until senile of age.

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