Must know Top 5 Reasons For A Successful IVF Treatment

Must know Top 5 Reasons For A Successful IVF Treatment


IVF treatment is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) and is commonly abbreviated as In-vitro fertilization. It is the process of fertilization of retrieved eggs (from the body of the woman) and sperm (from the body of the man) in the laboratory dish. The embryo(s) are then transferred to the female’s body or into the uterus. The best IVF centers in Delhi will help you solve all your queries, helping you and your partner conceive successfully. 

Prevalence of IVF

IVF is one of the commonly used methods helping to treat infertility. It can be opted as the main treatment method because of the following reasons:

  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Infertility in males because of sperm count and sperm mobility
  • Ovulation disorders in women
  • Ovarian failure and premature production of eggs
  • uterine fibroids
  • Genetic disorders and issues regarding the removed reproductive body parts
  • Unexplained infertility

Why is the in-vitro fertilization process called “the most successful treatment”?

There are several benefits of opting for the treatment method at the best IVF centers. The reason IVF is considered one of the top successful fertility treatments are listed below:

  • You can have a baby irrespective of your fertility problems

IVF is a “light of hope” for the couple who is unable to conceive because of certain unexplained infertility problems. IVF is adopted by these couples helping them to solve conception problems.

  • Complete care for fertility

Traditionally, IVF was used or adopted by both men and women who may have been dealing hard with infertility issues. During that time, women were the first patients because of the higher chances of damage, missing or broken fallopian tubes. Next, the doctors used to consider men as the second patients to cross-check whether they have infertility problems or not.

  • Higher chances of conception

IVF and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) are the two advanced methods helping to boost the rate of conception even if the patients are suffering because of hard infertility issues. It enables them to conceive quickly and at the right time. Moreover, if you or anyone you know is going through any other major issue related to infertility, you can ask for the cost of IVF Delhi and may get the estimated price for the trial or method technique.

  • Healthier pregnancy

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) helps the couple determine deficiencies related to the chromosomes or cells of the embryo. In short, the process helps to conceive healthier and “just like normal” pregnancies.

  • Have a baby or conceive whenever you want

With the onset of IVF and various methods or developments in the technique, couples now do not need to try for several years to conceive naturally. IVF has given flexibility such as spacing out children and getting pregnant at the right time.

What is the number of embryos created during IVF treatment?

The number of embryos transferred during IVF treatment depends on the number of eggs collected and the age of the woman. The rate of implantation decreases with the age of a woman. Similarly, the number of eggs implanted depends on the age of the woman and the likelihood of implantation. The larger the amount or number of eggs, the more will be the chances of multiple pregnancies. You can talk to or consult your gynaecologist or the practitioner practising IVF on you.

What is the cost of IVF Delhi?

An aspiring couple can go ahead with the best IVF centers in Delhi and may inquire about a better treatment package with quotations, expenses for fertility, blood tests, observations, and ultrasounds.

The cost of IVF Delhi or IVF cost in Delhi is less compared to other western nations and is quite affordable. The cost depends on several factors. This is because many times, the doctor breaks the process to ease the procedure and continues with step-by-step success. IVF is the process of curing infertility and includes a chain of processes like ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval process, and embryo transfer. The cost of each process may differ and depends on the involvement of the laboratory set-up, ultrasounds and drugs.

Moreover, the cost of IVF relies on the age of the couple, the causes behind infertility, and the medical history of both the partners involved. Therefore, the cost differs from person to person and the couples are suggested to prepare themselves emotionally, mentally, monetarily and bodily– all for the best medical services of IVF.


IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is one of the most common forms of medical art. During the process, eggs are retrieved and fertilized with sperm and the procedure is carried out in the laboratory set-up. The fertilized egg is then inserted into the woman’s body or uterus. If you or anyone you know wants to opt for this medical art of IVF, you may ask for queries from Vinsfertility.

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