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1. For Guest Post – 20$ 
2. Link Exchange – 5$  ( DA >20, TRAFFIC >500, DR > 20  for Link Exchange )
3. If DA >80 and traffic is more than 500 – Link exchange will be free

About the company

guest post exchange
  • The web pages to be indexed by Search Engine Google should not be less than 100 pages.
  • The website has a traffic of at least 500 per month.
  • Domain age to be not less than a minimum of 06 months.
  • The Moz Domain Authority (DA) must be more than 20 and the spam score less than 20%.
  • The Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) must be more than 20 
  • The website should be regularly updated with unique and relevant content.
  • Websites violating any laws are banned.
  • Websites that do not adhere to copyrights are not going to be allowed.
  • Websites not conforming to the ethical standards and highest moral is prohibited.
  • Forbidden Adult or mature content website.
  • Forbidden Dating services website.
  • Forbidden Gambling and any kind of betting website.
  • Forbidden Unfair promotion of competitive services website.
  • Forbidden Any kind of marketplace website.
  • Forbidden Binary scams website.
  • Forbidden Website hacking, unethical & unlicensed software; cheat codes.
  • Forbidden Witchcraft and Magic website.
  • Forbidden Sale of fake products website.
  • Forbidden Tobacco, cigarettes, or any kind of intoxicants website.
  • Forbidden Alcohol consumption website.
  • Forbidden Sale of any weapon and arms website.
  • Forbidden Open web forum platforms website.
  • Forbidden Deceitful activities website.
  • Forbidden Forex online trading activity website.
  • Forbidden Medical websites not providing valid medical certification status.
  • Forbidden Direct and online pharmaceutical sales, including and not only limited to any over-the-counter drugs, special dietary supplements, and homeopathic drugs.
  • We also have the authority to evaluate the website from the perspective of an end-user. Hence, a website may be rejected in case it does not meet our expectations.
  • Forbidden PBN(Private Blog Networks).


Most frequent questions and answers

A: It will cost $20 for a guest post. Only healthcare websites are allowed for guest posting. If your website’s DA (Domain Authority) is more than 20 and it receives traffic of more than 500 visitors, then only is a do-follow link exchange feasible.


A: You can get a free guest post through a backlink exchange, which will cost $5. Link exchange is only allowed if the website’s DA (Domain Authority) is more than 20 and it receives traffic of more than 500 visitors. If the DA is more than 80, the guest post is completely free.

A: The payment methods are PayPal and Vins Pay. The blog will be posted only after payment confirmation. It will go live on our website 12 hours after posting. Please note that we only publish content related to healthcare.

A: You will receive 2 do-follow backlinks.

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