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Terms of Use

Terms of Use If you are accessing www.vinsfertility.com or utilizing Vinsfertility services, please go through the following terms and conditions carefully before registering, browsing, downloading, or using the Vinsfertility website. The terms and conditions apply to all associated sites linked to www.vinsfertility.com.

To prevent skepticism, it is explained that these terms and conditions shall be valid to all Vinsfertility Services, provided by the Vinsfertility website. You agree that Vinsfertility may disclose your given information such as name, e-mail address, and another status of input to carry certain transactions required to provide you with the services. Safeguarding your secrecy is very important to us. Please check our Terms and Conditions to understand better how we use and reveal your data.

This Agreement includes and integrates by reference the guidelines and referred to in this contract. On the occasion of any variance between the terms of this Agreement and any provision of such policies, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail concerning the subject matter hereof, and the terms of such policies and guidelines shall prevail in connection to the subject matter thereof. You are strongly advised to carefully abide by all such policies and guidelines, as available on our Platform.


By accepting the Terms and conditions for availing the Vinsfertility Services on the Platform, you signify that you have not been before suspended or removed by Vinsfertility or banned for any reason from using our Services. Moreover, you also stand for and warrant that you agree with this Agreement and understand all the terms and conditions listed in this contract.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Your utilization of this Platform and services are at your own risk. The Platform and services are offered on an “as is” and “as available” criteria. To the extent allowed under pertinent laws, Vinsfertility expressly disclaims all warranties of any type, whether express or implied counting, but not limited to, implicit warranties for a specific purpose and non-infringement concerning the Services or Platform contents, or any confidence upon or use of the Platform content or services.

Without limiting the preceding simplification, Vinsfertility makes no warranty: That the information available on this Platform is exact, consistent, complete, or timely. The links to third-party Sites are to information that is exact, consistent, complete, or timely.

Whether oral or written, no guidance or data attained by you from this Platform will generate any warranty not explicitly stated herein as to the results that may be acquired from the Services’ utilization or that defects in services will be resolved.

Other Terms and Conditions

In addition to the above, the terms and conditions may also apply for you to avail of particular Services and specific portions or features of our Platform. The terms are also applicable, including promotions, and other similar features, all of which are made a piece of these Terms and conditions.

Vinsfertility can make changes to any Services offered on our Platform or applicable terms for any such Vinsfertility Services, on any occasion, without prior notifying. The materials on our Platform with value to our Services may be outdated, and we make no promise to revise the materials on the website concerning such Services.

Termination Criteria

Vinsfertility hereby holds all rights to terminate User’s access at any time regardless of the reason. The requirements regarding proviso of warranty, the truthfulness of data provided by the User, and indemnification shall endure such termination.

Use of Vinsfertility Platform

With these terms and conditions, you understand that apart from data or services indicated as being supplied by Vinsfertility, we do not run, administer, or support any information, products, or services on the Internet in anyhow. You may also know that Vinsfertility cannot and does not guarantee or warrant that records accessible for download through the Platform will be free of viruses that may be harmful.

Ownership; Proprietary Rights

Vinsfertility has proprietary rights and trade secrets in the Services. You shall not copy, replicate, resell, or reorganize any service provided and distributed by the Platform. We also have rights to all trademarks and particular layouts of this Webpage, visual interfaces, compilation, including calls to action, content, graphics, and other data. You agree not to take away, obscure, or change Vinsfertility or any third party’s copyright, patent, proprietary rights notices via its Platform.


Criteria for our services are subject to change without prior notice. Vinsfertility reserves all the rights to modify or terminate the Services (or any part or content thereof) without notifying the User at any time. We shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any amendment, change, deferment, or discontinuance of the Services.


We offer the authorities’ online payment criteria at Vinsfertility via third-party vendors. We may amend or modify these terms from time to time, and any changes will be effective instantly on being set out here. We are not liable for a payment that doesn’t reach the accurate account owing to you addressing a wrong account number or incorrect account details. Neither can we be responsible for payment that is refused or declined by the third-party applications and banking credit/debit cards for any reason.

Terms of services to be bound

By accessing this Platform or availing services, you accept that you have read and agree to be bound by this contract and all terms of services on this Platform.

Patient Consent Form

All Users / Intended Patients herein referred as ‘I/We’ of the Website employing using/browsing the Website and in any manner reaching out to the Company either through a call or message or email or social channel / in person or through any other way hereby consent to the following.

  • I/ We are inclined to opt for a treatment of my own choice as required or as the case may be.
  • I / We are aware that the ‘Company’ is providing facilitation services to assist us in getting price benefits, smoothening the appointment process, and coordinating with the clinic.
  • I/ We understand that the ‘Company’ is describing services for Facilitation purposes only. I/ we understand that the “Company’ role is limited to facilitation and thus, I / We shall satisfy ourselves completely before choosing a particular doctor/clinic/hospital. I/we understand that the Company does not influence or exercise any pressure to select any particular clinic/ doctor.
  • I / We understand that the ‘Company ‘that includes its staff, representatives, employees, etc., does not provide any medical opinion or counseling.
  • I/we understand that the Treatment shall comply with in accordance with the laws of the country as is applicable.
  • I / We understand that Pre Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technique for Sex Selection (Gender Selection) is prohibited in India and is a punishable offence. The Company is an Indian entity that does not aid, assist or support the same in any part of the world or in any way.
  • I / We understand that we shall look at our own legal opinion/ guidance before opting for any particular treatment.
  • I/ we understand that “Company” has zero-tolerance for unethical practices including but not limited to “Gender Selection” and any violation of the laws of the land, I/we shall be solely liable and responsible.
  • I/ we have made true and correct representations including the ones stated herein and shall indemnify/keep the Company indemnified as the case may be for any breach or violation of the stated terms or laws of the land.
  • I/ We understand that the child’s legitimacy is born and grant of parental rights to the child shall be mine/ our responsibility, and the Company shall have no role/ liability in the same.
  • I/ We understand that I/ we shall not abandon the child for any reason whatsoever and shall adopt legal and fair means to grant child rights. If immigration is required, then we shall do as per the applicable laws and provide true and correct information to the concerned authorities.
  • I / We understand that the Company shall not be liable for any medical opinion/negligence or any medico-legal aspect.
  • I/we have thoroughly understood the Terms & Conditions stated herein and shall be solely responsible for not abiding by any such terms or violation of the laws of the land in any nature.

Disclaimer: Vinsfertility works only as a non-medical consultant to IVF medical Centres in India & abroad. Vinsfertility is not a medical service provider, clinic, or medical professional. All medical services and practices are performed and supervised solely by the IVF Centre themselves.


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