Money Refundable Surrogacy Program – 2021

Money Refundable Surrogacy Program – 2021

In Guaranteed surrogacy Program we assure that Centre will take the complete responsibility upto Baby Delivery.








Earlier July 2019 the Union Cabinet gave its nod to the surrogacy regulation bill 2019. The bill that aims to prohibit commercial surrogacy was introduced in the Lok Sabha on the 15th of July. Commercial surrogacy practice is also known as rent a womb was legalized in India in the year 2002. In order to promote medical tourism and soon India became the hub of surrogacy. Driven by factors like low cost and the absence of a strict legislation commercial surrogacy became a booming business in the country. According to a 2012 study by the Confederation of Indian Industry the size of India surrogate motherhood industry was 2 billion dollars a year.

How to Register in Surrogacy Program

Steps to register with Vinsfertility ( वसं फेरलट के साथ पजं ीकरण करनेके लए कदम ) :

1. Click on above link ( लकं पर िलक कर):
2. Fill your details ( अपना ववरण भर):

a. Name ( नाम )
b. Mobile Number ( मोबाइल नबं र )
c. email id ( ईमेल आईडी )
d. which treatment looking for ( कस उपचार क तलाश है)
e. Amount to be paid – 10,000 INR ( Ten Thousand ) ( िजतनी राश अदा क जानी है)

f. Special Note ( Optional ) ( वशषे नोट (वकै िपक)

Vinsfertility Registration Benefits

How to cope with infertility

Practice makes perfect

1. Vinsfertility will Enroll surrogacy Program under Government of India. We prepare a
notarised stamp . 

2. Vins Doctor will Continuously guide you for the Surrogacy Program.

The best campus facilities

3. After registration , We will create a group with a complete team of Following : Legal advisor, Personal coordinator, account, Senior Fertility Expert. All teams will be guiding you throughout. 

ivf centre in dhanbad

Yes! If we will be not able to get the Baby Heart beat then all money will be refunded

Every Parents have the right to complete there parenthood journey with Vinsfertility. We will try to extend this offer so that Every couple get benefitted.

 This offer is available only in New Delhi

Process will start only if both of the Intended Parents will have Indian Citizenship.

Vinsfertility will provide complete loan Facility for Surrogacy Program.




● Valid Photo ID ( Passport, Aadhar Card, Voter Id ) – any one of ID
● Test report (If taken fertility treatment before)

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