IVF and Surrogacy Procedure – Success rates, age limit, legal procedure

IVF and Surrogacy Procedure – Success rates, age limit, legal procedure

Who Required IVF? Is there any other procedure that can be tried before IVF?

IVF is required by two main people as we know IVF is for male and female infertility. If the male has a problem with the sperm count or the quality so that means if there is oligospermia, oroligoasthenospermia, oligoasthenoteratospermia or if there is no sperm at all. For a female factor, if the tubes are blocks (a female tubal block) where the egg cannot pass into the tube and the third is unexplained infertility where we do not know what is the cause of infertility. People have tried to conceive and they cannot conceive and what is then called unexplained infertility is the third factor of what who are the people who require IVF.

Whats sets you apart?

Main factors which keep us apart when there are mushrooming IVF clinics all over the world is the fact that we look at quality as the paramount statement. Now quality is not only of the lab but we look at the quality and we have a quality an objective system in place that means we look at the quality by asking the clients or the patients to give us the feedback. We also look at our referral doctors who give us the feedback and then we also look at our staff experience so we look at the experience from the client point of view from the staff point of view from the level doctors point of view then we, of course, look at our lab. The lab is the temple or the nucleus on which the whole IVF program is centred upon. We look at the lab in the manner of as if we are looking at a really a temple. So we again set our quality systems in place we look at the clean air, incubators. humidity, temperature. Whatever is required in the lab to be looked at extremely closely. We look at our implantation rate, positive pregnancies, number of pregnancies with heart rate. We really do not look only at chemical pregnancies that means having a beta HCG but we really look at pregnancies with heart rate and also the carry home baby rate well these are the quality standards that set us in the lab and that sets us apart from everybody else.

What is your Success rates?

Our success rate in IVF is on par with the world standards we have a success rate of around 40% in normal IVF cycles but what sets you apart is IVF donor surrogacy cycles where our success rate is unparalleled it’s 80 percent in the first cycle itself and 95 percent in the second cycle so we are nearly giving a guaranteed success in egg donor surrogacy.

Cut off Age in IVF?

The cutoff age for doing IVF is between 40 to 45 years. I would say a thicket of age for doing an IVF cycle beyond that, of course, is egg donor then that, of course, can go on that can go even beyond 45 but if one has to try with her eggs it should be somewhere near 40 to 42.

How long do I have to stay if I want to do IVF?

Now if anybody decides to do an IVF the cycle then the couple should land hereon the first day of the menstrual cycle. We ask them to time up their travel plan such that the first day of the menstrual cycle is here and then they have to stay here for about two to three weeks so from 15 to 17 days, I would say is the ideal time and they should be here for IVF.

Explain the process of IVF?

IVF is a process which as I said can start from the first day of the menstrual cycle and normally the ovary produces only one EGG but because we are hyper-stimulating or over stimulating the ovary to produce several eggs. So women have to take hormonal injections from the first day itself and that can last for about ten to twelve days. Every two or three days an ultrasound is done and her blood tests are done to be sure that the eggs are growing well. When we have the eggs already say when they are about 16 to 18 mm then that is a time they are given a trigger short of a rupture with the injection that is the HCG injection and within 36 hours the eggs are picked up. This process is done through the vagina and an ultrasound probe is introduced into the vagina and through needles the follicles are ruptured and the eggs are drawn out into the test tube where they are mixed up with a washed semen sample and if the semen count is very low then each egg is picked up and each sperm is picked up by an injection needle and inter cytoplasmic sperm injection is done. So we make sure that embryos are formed outside. We see the quality of embryos, choose the best embryos and after 48 to 72 hours pick them in a catheter again and do an embryo transfer which is without anaesthesia. So the pickup is of course done anaesthesia but the transfer can be done without anaesthesia. The woman is asked to be in the bed for about 24 to 48 hours after leading a sedentary life for about 24 hours. She can move around and check it to her routine work and then she does a beta HCG test after 15 days or 2 weeks of getting the pickup time.

What is the process of Egg donor Surrogacy?

The world opening up towards single parents and gay marriages being accepted in many countries. Single parenting is coming of age. I think sexual preferences is an individual’s choice but parenting is everybody’s right and therefore to become parents they would require egg donor as well as a surrogate to host the pregnancy. Also, menopausal women or women who are a premature ovarian failure and do not have enough eggs also required egg donor. Surrogacy is required for people whose uterus has given way whether hysterectomy has been done because of cancer or fibroids or whatever reason but the uterus lining is not good enough for holding the pregnancy then you borrow the uterus and that is what is a surrogate uterus used for.so in egg donor surrogacy cycle what we do is we ask the parents to look at the donor profiles and the surrogate cycle is then matched together. you see it is important that both cycle together. we stimulate the donor to produce good eggs simultaneously we stimulate the surrogate to have a good lining of the uterus and when the two are matched together we do the process of IVF similarly, as we do for others.

Do You have a legal process in place and how difficult it is to get Visa for Exit?

The whole process of egg donor surrogacy and for people who come from outside, they are very concerned about the legal process. We have the lawyer and the legal process very much in place before we start the process. The intended parents sign up the legal papers with the lawyer and the surrogate and the egg donor and all the process is in place also as we go along whatever is required is also taken care of by the lawyer and of course exist process which is the final process of taking the baby back to their own country. So before starting the process of course what we have to be very sure on the laws of that country whether they allow surrogacy and whether they can take the baby back. When the baby is born it just takes about 3 to 6 weeks depending on the country the lawyer prepares the medical papers,the legal papers are all combined and the client or the intended parent just walk up to the embassy and get a passport made for the baby and then applies for an exit visa.which is a stream smooth process. where the process is in place so the whole process exists does not take too long from 3 to 6 weeks maximum.

What IVF techniques damage my ovaries?

IVF does not damage the ovaries at all and it has been researched all over the opposite may be true it had happened with me many a time the IVF the process may have failed but there those women come back naturally pregnant because the ovary somehow get activated instead of being damaged I would say they get activated and sometimes gets pregnant on their own.

How soon the process gets repeated?

Once the IVF fails then we wait for about two or three cycles for her to resume her normal cycle and we can repeat after two or three months.

What is the rate of multiple pregnancies?

IVF is known to have multiple pregnancies and a rate of about 20% in twins and about 3% in triplets is not an unknown fact. We can decrease this by doing a blastocyst transfer and by transferring just one or two embryos maximum which is what we do in case of somebody keen not to have multiple pregnancies at all we take the embryos to blastocyst and retail for just one or two.

Is there any chance of birth defect?

There is a slight increase in the defects and imprinting and epigenetic defects have been seen but I would say if you ask me statistically they are insignificant.

What message will you give to the Intended Parents?

The message I would like to give to my intended parents is that I feel blessed to be able to serve them and give them the joy of their life that is a baby to look forward. the obligation is all on my side and I would like to thank them for giving me this opportunity. Also in today’s era, I believe that there is no way if somebody decides to become a parent that he or she will not achieve that because it just requires three things the patience. the perseverance and the finances to have so if somebody’s the patient has the perseverance to go on and on and can spend some amount of money and is flexible it is a broach there is no way that he or she will not become a parent so I would say please give a chance to me and my team to serve you and we are there to give you happiness.

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