5 Tips for Covering the Costs of Surrogacy in 2022

5 Tips for Covering the Costs of Surrogacy in 2022

How Can I Afford Surrogacy?

To cover the costs of surrogacy, most people are in need of planning and organization. Given below are some of the most essential tips, which can help you manage the financial aspect of your surrogacy journey and make it a relatively smooth ride:

  1. Share your story – What could be a better example than surrogacy of people helping people. If you are open about your reason for pursuing surrogacy, you can easily gain support from family and friends. There have been many cases, where family members of the intended parents have chipped in to lower the financial burden. And even if your friends and family cannot provide financial assistance, the emotional support, and encouragement provided by your loved ones can make the journey to parenthood easier.
  2. Start putting money aside – Keep in consideration setting aside some money over time. Intended parents who come to an agency generally have given careful thought and research. There is no better time than this to start saving
  3. Keep in mind that you can influence the overall costs- Given that the surrogacy journey in most cases can be unpredictable, don’t forget that your overall surrogacy expenses are highly dependent upon your preferences, like- the IVF clinic you choose, and whether your surrogate is insured or not. For your benefit, we have designed various surrogacy programs.
  4. Evaluate all your insurance positions- You will be surprised to find the variety of insurance options available, which can help you in covering the medical cost incurred in surrogacy. Take your time and find the best option for you. Keep in mind to ask about- deductibles, premiums, enrollment fees, and out-of-pocket maximums.
  5. Look into various fertility clinics- Make sure to talk to more than just one IVF/fertility clinic. Each clinic has its own variety of packages. Consider options like – The guaranteed Surrogacy Program offered by Vinsfertility, which guarantees you a successful surrogacy no matter how many attempts may be needed.

There is also a possibility of you finding a gestational surrogate for less money if a family member or friend agrees to be your surrogate. This will lower the agency fee, save time and provide instant relationship and comfort between you and your surrogate. However, to provide any complications, which may arise in the future you should still ask your agency to draw a formal contract and make sure that the surrogate mother is screened properly.

Seeking donor eggs from a family member is yet another option you have. In case the intended parents are a gay couple and one of them has a sister, he can convince her to donate her eggs, which can be fertilized with his partner’s sperm. This will make the child genetically related to both the parents.

The cost of gestational surrogacy is high because the surrogate requires extensive care and attention during pregnancy as well as childbirth. To make this journey to parenthood as easy as possible, Vinsfertility offers you a detailed cost structure, so that in the future, you don’t need to worry about extra costs other than the ones mentioned.

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