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In the last 20 years, India has seen worse times since long in terms of health and surrogacy. Commercial surrogacy was recognized earlier when domestic and backward caste women agreed to rent their wombs in exchange for monetary compensation. India has become a global hub in the matter of commercial healthcare. But it turned out to be a unique practice where surrogate mothers faced compulsion for their health, and children born from surrogacy were harmed. That’s why the government needed to find some solution for surrogate mothers, children born through surrogacy, and adoptive parents, i.e., every party in surrogacy. This has been further explained with the help of the surrogacy regulation act 2021. It transpasses the constitution to the citizens of India with the right to embrace parenthood through surrogacy. This law examines the clauses and other commitments related to international treaties, their entries, their legal rights for holding surrogacy in India, and parenthood for Indian citizens.

Surrogacy in India

In India, surrogacy is available for couples with five years of marriage.

Why to choose VinsFertility in Kenya

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About VinsFertility

Vinsfertility receives recognition from Europe’s fertility center. It is one of the top or leading fertility centers, helping infertile couples with the dream of conceiving a baby. Not having a baby is sometimes hectic for the family, and it is somewhere “not suit anyone” because of social stigma. Vinsfertility provides you with every type of fertility solution, including IVF, ICSIhysteroscopylaparoscopy, and surrogacy. Almost 3000+ couples approach us yearly to consult the infertility issues and their respective treatments. We have centers in twelve countries, including India, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, the USA, the UK, Cyprus, Georgia, Prague, Kenya and Greece.

What benefits may you get with us?

  • One-to-One counseling with experts and foreign-based medical assistants.
  • We help you with complete support and service after you approach us (under the country’s laws).
  • We arrange the legal documents for you, so you do not need to answer anything later.
  • We also help you with finding surrogate mothers. However, you can also give suggestions if you have any.
  • What best do you get with us? It is the comfort to answer queries, stay up to date with the procedure, and consent to every step.
  • FREE CONSULTATION once you decide to start a fertility journey with us!

Vinsfertility INDIA

Advance lab and Experienced Doctors have helped couples who are looking for Gestational Surrogacy

Advanced IVF lab with latest technologies:

IVF laboratory is equipped with the most advanced and innovative technologies that ensure quality care and achieve high success rates.

Our lab features the latest cutting edge technologies including the time-lapse incubator to capture images of embryos developing, in a safe and controlled environment. These images from the high-tech incubator enable embryologists to evaluate embryos for better prediction of future developmental and implantation potential.

We have introduced standard operating procedures in our IVF lab so as to ensure that we meet high-quality standards and laboratory protocols.

Our lab has a robust quality management system and processes in place, in order to more efficiently help infertile couples in their quest to have a healthy baby.

The well trained and experienced clinical team:

We take pride in bringing together some of the best IVF specialists and embryologists trained abroad and with a proven track record in all areas of infertility treatment including IUI, IVF, ICSI, TESA, PESA, Surgical Hysteroscopy, Gynecologic Laparoscopy, etc.

We are affiliated with Europe’s largest fertility services provider to share technological know-how and medical expertise. Our doctors and embryologists work closely with this internationally-renowned clinicians with extensive expertise to give our patients the advantage of world-class treatment and to ensure the best international practices.


Process of Surrogacy in INDIA for Indian Passport Holder

Only Indian Passport holders are allow for the surrogacy program in iNDIA.


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Getting Quotes from Preferred Surrogacy Clinics in India

After understanding your medical, financial and legal aspects, Vins Fertility helps you in getting quotes from reputed and verified fertility centres in India.

Picking the one that suits your requirement

You can choose the best fertility centre which matches your financial and medical requirements

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Plan your travel to India

Vins Fertility will help organize your travel arrangements so that you can visit the clinic and meet the surrogate mother in-person.

Entering into a Surrogacy Arrangement/Contract (legal part)

This will cover all the legal rights for intended parents, including that surrogate only carries the baby until birth.

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Achieving Pregnancy through latest IVF technologies

For the health of future generations, Vins makes sure that modern reproductive technologies to be used during the process.

Completing the Delivery Process & Bringing your Baby Home​

After the birth, the next part comes transfering of legal parenthood so that you can bring your baby home.

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                     SURROGACY LAW  IN INDIA

According to new Surrogacy Regulation Act passed by the Government Of India
There will 3 steps in which the Intended Parents can take permission for the issuance of certificate


The state board will comprise of learned Doctors who will verify the case on individual basis and check whether the intended parents are eligible for surrogacy

Documents required :

a) Authority letter of a lawyer ( vakalatnama )
b) Application along with affidavits of the intended parents c) Adhaar cards of the intended parents
d) Medical history of the parents
e) Recommendation letter of surrogacy by a doctor
f) Marriage Certificate or Passport
g) Passport size photographs

After the submission of the application in the state board, a date will be fixed for hearing on which the intended parents have to be present along with their counsel.
The board will evaluate the case and upon evaluation and due diligence will declare whether the couple is eligible or not for surrogacy.

The couple eligible for surrogacy will be issued a certificate for further process.


The District board comprises of the magistrate first class . This will be a court procedure
An application along with all the documents are to be produced in the court of law. In this step the documents of intended parents along with surrogate mother will be verified.

This step is to ensure the authenticity of the surrogate mother.
Once the application is submitted , the date will be given for hearing and upon the satisfaction of the judge another certificate will be issued to the surrogate mother.


Again the file along with the issued certificates will be submitted in the state board for final approval.
Once approved the intended parents are good to go for the process of surrogacy.

Fertility Services

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Intended parents across the world choose INDIA as their destination  for Surrogacy. 



Doctor team in INDIA are highly Experienced. Success rate is high and all latest Equipments are available.

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Other Services Includes Sperm Test, HIV Sperm wash, Embryo Freezing, Embryo transportation (if needed from one country to another), Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, ICSI, IUI, PGD


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Pros Of Surrogacy In India

1. Biologically Connected Child – With technological advancement, you may have benefited from gestation surrogacy, where your child will be biologically connected to you.

 2. No Monetary Fund – You don’t have to pay money to a surrogate mother for every pregnancy step.

3.Healthy Newborn – Since you have complete authority over your newborn through surrogacy, the child will be free from any terminal disease. You may get back home with your newborn after completing screening tests.

4. Happiness to Couples Dealing With Childbirth Issues – What can be more beneficial to any infertile couple than having a newborn and that be in a healthy condition?

5. Legally Protected Child – After the hustle of a long surrogacy journey, you get happiness in the form of the smiley screams of your newborn.


Cons Of Surrogacy In India

1.Social Impact – Although there are legal regulations in India, there are many states where you will have to suffer for being a surrogate mother.

 2.Surrogacy Has Become A New Trend For Celebrities – Many celebrities, like Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor, etc., have the benefits of surrogacy (although before the regulation of act 2019) without any legal marriage.

3.What If The Surrogate Mother Refuses To Carry The Child – Surrogate mothers often undergo physical, psychological, and aesthetical screening tests. But what if the surrogate mother refuses to carry the child during the procedure even after such screening tests?

4. Happiness to Couples Dealing With Childbirth Issues – What can be more beneficial to any infertile couple than having a newborn and that be in a healthy condition?

5.Complicated and Time-Consuming Procedure – It takes time and puts you under physical or mental pressure. Above all, if you do not have enough money to afford the procedure, you may have financial stress also.


Intended Parents reviews

I appreciate the environment surrounded by intelligent doctors, understanding laboratory assistants, and the whole program of making me understand things about surrogacy.
Kajal Maheshwari
For an ordinary personality, it is difficult to understand the laws and regulations for any fertility type. I want to thank Vinsfertility for supporting me with IVF procedures while going with the rules and regulations of India. I had IVF+ surrogacy and received my healthy baby girl after one year of the procedure.
Akshay and Priya Kumari
Surrogacy is difficult to carry. You need to maintain your strength after various miscarriages and IVF failures. I want to thank Vinsfertility for helping, and my husband understands the basic Indian laws for surrogacy and for helping us with baby birth.
Mukesh and Beena Raut

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why Go With Surrogacy In India?

Surrogacy in India is one of the highly descriptive topics. Still, once you receive all certifications and eligibility consent through an authorized body, you will be facilitated with fertility abnormalities and their solutions.

Is Surrogacy In India A Safe Procedure?

It is entirely safe and secures to proceed with surrogacy in India. It has no drawbacks, and for a long time, it has been benefiting couples who want to have children through specific conventional methods.


No, there are strict regulations for having and opting for surrogacy for LGBTQ. This is because no regulations permit surrogacy or childbirth for LGBT people.

Is The Baby Born Through Surrogacy Linked With Surrogate Mother In Any Sense?

The surrogate mother cannot use her gametes for childbirth through surrogacy. She has no legal right to the child born through surrogacy unless she can carry the child for nine months until the child is born. After the birth, she would have to legally and physically give the child to the intended parents.

LGBT Couples allowed or Not?

LGBT Couples can take surrogacy in Kenya. Its one of most preferred location for Single Parents Surrogacy.

What To Do In The Condition If I Have No Money For Surrogacy?

You can also ask for a loan for surrogacy through our portal at Vinsfertility. Our executives will explain to you the whole condition required for this.

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