Top 3 Best IVF Centres in Madurai With High Success Rate 2023

Top 3 Best IVF Centres in Madurai With High Success Rate 2023

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a type of assisted reproductive technology that involves retrieving eggs from a woman’s ovaries and fertilizing them with the retrieved male sperms. IVF process includes ovulation induction, egg retrieval, fertilization, embryo transfer, and implantation into the uterus. After performing these steps successfully a positive embryo is formed. Here you can find the list of Top 3 Best IVF Centres in Madurai with IVF packages, Success Rates, Services & working fertility specialists in Madurai. The best IVF centers in Madurai are chosen based on IVF success rates in Madurai, treatment quality, patient’s opinion, doctor’s qualification, and location accessibility:

  1. Genesis IVF Centres, Madurai (Best IVF Centre in Madurai)
  2. Iswarya Fertility Centre, Madurai (Best IVF Centre in Madurai)
  3. Rupikaas Fertility Centre, Madurai (Best IVF Centre in Madurai)

1. Genesis IVF Centre (Best IVF Centre in Madurai)

Genesis IVF is a world renowned medical clinic, which offers services related to Reproductive Medicine. Their first centre was established in 1996 in Erode, Tamil Nadu. The clinic is headed by Dr. Nirmala Sadaviam, who has been practicing in the field since 1991. In its nascent stage, the centre was endorsed at the National ART Registry of India, it is now a senior member of ISAR. Genesis is an esteemed member of Asia Pacific Initiation of Reproductive Endocrinology (ASPIRE) and has been accredited to ICMR via the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction.

Dr. Nirmala Sadasivam, the IVF team leader at Genesis IVF is the reason behind its success story. She is a gynaecologist and has done MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Madras Medical College, Chennai. She received her training in Blastocyst Culture from National University Hospital, Singapore under the guidance of Prof. Arif Bongso. She has been an ace in Blastocyst Culture since 1998.

2. Iswarya Fertility Centre, Madurai (Best IVF Centre in Madurai)

Iswarya Fertility Centre

Iswarya Fertility Centre has been consistently rated the best IVF Center in Madurai. 1000s of babies have been delivered by Iswarya Fertility Centre. Treatments like IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PGD, PGS, ERA, Laparoscopy are offered. A Highly devoted team of fertility specialist strive hard to make your parenthood dream a reality. At Iswarya, we always seek excellence. We provide the best IVF treatments at an affordable cost to deliver maximum results. Iswarya Fertility Center & Women’s Hospital was started with the vision to help childless couples enjoy the joy of parenthood with advanced fertility treatments, world-class infrastructure and highly specialized team of fertility specialists and so far it has helped thousands of couples conceive and live a happy life. Performed more than 25,000 IVF cycles to date.

3. Rupikaas Fertility Centre, Madurai (Best IVF Centre in Madurai)

  • Address: 225, Bb Kulam Main Rd, BB Kulam, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625002
  • IVF Doctors: 
  • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cost: Rs. 110,000
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) Cost: Rs. 20,000
  • Surrogacy Cost: Rs. 1,600,000
  • Services Offered: IVF, IUI, ICSI, Surrogacy, Infertility Treatments, etc.
  • Rating: 4.1 / 5.0
  • Fertility Success Rate: 70%
  • Book Free Appointment: +91 9643264509
  • Website:

Rupikaas Fertility Center is a hi-tech fertility center in Madurai. The hospital is located in B.B.Kulam, a quiet residential area, closely connected to all the important center in Madurai. The Hospital is headed by Dr. K. SUNDER M.B.B.S, MS., Diploma in Diabetology and Emergency Medicine. He is a consultant with 17 years of experience in medical service. He is a Surgeon Specialist. The Managing Director of the hospital is Dr. K. INDUMEENA, M.B.B.S., M.D(O&G;)consultant obstetrician & Gynaecology. Karunai hospital caters to the needs of patients from all walks of life. It was the best and affordable Infertility center in Madurai It runs in the name of Rupikaa’s Infertility center. The hospital has an overall success rate of 98% and sees an average of 15,000 patients a year. A 24-hour panel of super-specialists is present at the hospital. State-of-the-art Technology assists our team of highly reputed endocrinologists, physicians, embryologists and geneticists in delivering excellent supportive reproductive services. Complete fertility services from basic evaluation and testing to the very latest in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and counseling are offered. Karunai Multispeciality Hospital was initially started on 28th February 1998 and has blossomed into a hospital with a bed strength of 70 with ISO 9001 – 2008 certification.

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