What is Hyperspermia/Testicular atrophy?Advance treatment

What is Hyperspermia/Testicular atrophy?Advance treatment

Hyperspermia is a situation where a man produces a large quantity of semen during orgasm. Often (not always) it has a low mortality rate, as normal sperm leaks with ranges between (2 to 5.5 ml) is rated fertile with a high sperm count. More extended sessions without ejaculation can create the semen to raise, leading to the freeing of higher volumes of semen when ejaculation. The expansion in the quantity of the semen may be due to the body producing more of the other fluids that make up semen. Man who have higher sex drive also indicate hyperspermia, Semen is mainly a mixture of sperm from the testes and other fluids from the seminal vesicles and prostate. The penis ejaculates semen during orgasm, and these fluids help carry and fuel the sperm on its way to fertilize an egg. 

Symptoms- Unusual or large sperm flow (beyond 5.5 ml). Pale or yellow color sperm released, Dizziness (weakness) after sex, Higher sexual drive, pain or delayed during ejaculation, etc. 

Causes- Although Doctors are indicating this rare disease may be caused by Consumption of protein-rich food, use of steroids, sex pills to boost performance, Side effects of long term medication, etc. 

Treatment for Hyperspermia-As of now, there are no direct treatments considered for Hyperspermia, But Doctors will advise a course of medicines such as clomiphene citrate (Clomid) which increases sperm count. Furthermore, there is a procedure called sperm retrieval, which will extract sperms from your reproductive field. Once the sperm is removed, it will insert into your partner’s egg through in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The implanted embryo will then be stored in your partner’s uterus to develop. 

Testicular atrophy

There are two reproductive glands placed in the scrotum called testicles, these glands are responsible for building sperm. The shrinking of testicles is Testicular atrophy. It is a condition where testicles (one or both) moved from their original position or swelling occurs creates pain and makes a person bedridden. The most common condition of testicular atrophy is hormonal imbalance. When hormonal imbalances occur, the body produces fewer androgens letting them shrink. It is different from the temporary changes brought by cold temperatures. 

Treatment for Testicular atrophy– Although there are no natural ways to reverse testicular atrophy but seeking medical methods will work. At first, Ultrasound will diagnosis its foremost cause and indicate further treatment needed to be taken. Including- a urine test to check for sexually transmitted infection, to check the testosterone level blood count check as well patient might need to undergo surgery.

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