Symptoms of infertility in Women:Cure and Treatment

Symptoms of infertility in Women:Cure and Treatment

Symptoms of infertility in Women 

For women, the primary signs of Infertility is unabling to conceive after trying for six month or above- there are several underlying factors like irregular menstrual, dysmenorrhea, Dark or pale menstrual blood is a sign that you’re not ovulating. Damage to fallopian tubes is also another factor enhancing in the role of fertility. Ageing is a key factor, when a woman is 30 years or above her fertility tends to decrease naturally. Apart from this, being underweight takes longer time to conceive causing hormone imbalances that affect ovulation. Pelvic infections is also a big concern to worry about because it doesn’t show symptoms for most women,as it is hard to identify caused by some STDs, like chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Types of Infertility-Primary/Secondary 

Infertility does have its stages/types as the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs begin to decline with increasing age, as long as a person is healthy and maintaining good diet, regular exercise, free from work stress, it may hamper less impact on their reproductive system. According to the experts infertility has two categories- Primary and Secondary: 

  1. Primary- Couples who couldn’t succeed conceiveing a child for at least one time after trying for year or more with unprotected sex. 
  2. Secondary- Couples once able to conceive but failed to carry for the next time, reason could be due to fallopian tube damage, ovulation disorders, endometriosis and uterine conditions in women etc.


Food and medicine can also help to conceive such as:

PCOS diet to boost fertility

PCOS diet to boost fertility 

Women who are consuming PCOS diet will have a positive impact on their reproductive part, as it is naturally unprocessed, high fiber food, berries, and green leaves are the most vital food source for the body to function better. Choosing the right diet could decrease the severity of PCOS deficiency. Most women prioritize themself to live in good shape ignoring the sufficient required diet which is the key factor to boost fertility. Adapting to a PCOS diet that contains high protein, low carbs for overweight people is a gem and one step towards achieving motherhood.

Best fertility pills to get pregnant 

When couples are trying hard to conceive naturally but receive negative results continuously, some fertility drug pills can boost fertility although treatment depends on the cause, your age, how long you’ve lived infertile and personal preferences. Because infertility is a multiple disorder, treatment includes significant financial, physical, psychological, and time promises. Fertility drugs work like natural hormones; they trigger ovulation to stimulate a better egg or additional eggs. Some of the best drug pills are-(a)Clomiphene citrate (b)Gonadotropin medications (c) Metformin (d)Letrozole (Femara) (e) Bromocriptine (Cycloset) etc.


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