Everything You Wanted to Know About IVF Cost In Mumbai.

Everything You Wanted to Know About IVF Cost In Mumbai.

There are many things to count on and prove that Mumbai is the one where you can get the most prevalent treatment or IVF Cost in Mumbai within a minimum range. Among the 29 most developing states of India, Maharashtra is the state which has the most significant state economy. It is called the second most populous and third most urbanized state. With immense development and the dwindling population in both rural & urban areas, there has been an extensive rise in the healthcare sector. Government hospitals are available in both rural and urban areas, and the private sector is twice the size of public sector hospitals.

It is significant to see advancing techniques like IVF having a solid foot in the line of healthcare. The most developing city- Mumbai in Maharashtra, lacks the proper drainage system because the town is stationed near various seas and oceans. This is why people often think the city is suitable only for personal success. 

Why should you choose Mumbai for your IVF Treatment?

India is one of the most flourishing and emerging countries in the world. Among the various developing countries, India showed its pace in 2019-2022 while fighting COVID-19- the most prevalent pandemic still affecting many of the world’s population.

Mumbai is among the various established cities where you will be served not only with the best chance to grow (personally or academically) but also avail of the best healthcare facilities. You can visit Mumbai for your next IVF cycle for the following reasons:

  • Cheapest rates
  • High-quality healthcare facilities
  • Upgraded lifestyle
  • Exposure to pleasant weather and the soothing monsoon
  • A place that is connected by marvelous modes of trains and well-maintained hospitals
  • A hub of opportunities where you get the chance to grow

IVF is a form of Assisted Reproductive Technology abbreviated as in In-Vitro Fertilization. It is the most established and developed technique in India. People from the USA, UK, and Europe visit India only for the low-cost coverages of IVF and other fertility treatments. Mumbai is the hub of the best hospitals, centers and IVF treatment care facility providers. With infertility issues rising among couples, you will see transparent procedures in the hospitals of Mumbai.

Eight Factors Proving the Prevalence of Healthcare in Mumbai

Mumbai is the hub of excellence in healthcare, providing curative, preventive and holistic services comparable to world-class facilities. The services provided in every class are reachable in all manners. The private and government hospitals in Mumbai serve you with the state of the art technology and diagnostic and therapeutic services. They bring you the ambience with precision and treat every patient with dignity & respect. Moreover, the factors contributing to a safe, high-class, friendly & transparent environment in the city of Mumbai are:

  • High Fertility Care

According to nhp.gov.in, the prevalence of infertility is somewhere at 3.7 per cent in the states like Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Infertility is the prevention or the inability to conceive through natural processes. According to WHO, 40 million to 186 couples live with infertility worldwide. After the most prevalent COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant rise in teams standing in queues for various fertility treatments, particularly in Mumbai.

  • Most recently, under the laws to protect the fertility of women and young girls, the SC court has propelled the use of abortion within 24 weeks of pregnancy without the fact that the girl is married.
  • Also, there has been a casual increase in infertility in both men & women, which has posed a burden for the government.
  • To cope with fertility problems, there have been supported tertiary-level clinical research studies initiated in developing and developed countries, including India, Pakistan, Thailand, China, etc.
  • The government has passed the Surrogacy Regulation Bill 2021 and various other IVF-related laws or regulations to ease the process of fertility for infertile married couples.
  • Low Treatment Cost

The lower treatment & medical cost in India has impacted other places too. The women in other countries like the USA come to low-pricing and cost-effective places like India, where they can earn livelihood with better chances of growth for their newborns. In foreign sites, the trend of giving birth is more prevalent before marriage. To secure their future, such women only choose their path towards India and develop their livelihood there. In highly developed cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc., fertility treatments, security to mothers irrespective of their origin, and medical facilities for single or widow mothers is relatively lower. Even if you want to seek non-IVF fertility treatments, they also seem cost-prohibitive and below the median income levels.

  • Good accessibility to private and government sectors

The Indian government has provided universal access to all people within the limits of India. This means you are eligible to access the facilities designed for public use and ensure the hospitality services and the use of products, including ICT services and products. You can use all the services irrespective of your ability or disability. The design being proposed by the government is easy to understand. Many hospitals are helping you make payments using insurance and online facilities. Without any physical effort, the government allows you to access hospitality care with comfort and safety. According to Guidelines and Standards for Universal Accessibility in India 2021, you are eligible to acquire the gain of medical facilities within the dimensions of the space provided with healthcare facilities.

  • Affordable Treatments for Infertility & IVF Cost in Mumbai

The Indian government has expanded its wings in both Tier 2 & 3 cities. According to AIIMS, 10-15% of couples in India have been going through fertility issues. With its expansion of hospitality services and various fertility treatments, the Indian government has marked the success of several IVF brands. Another example of medical facilities in India is Apollo Group which has more than 50 branches in India, Miami, Florida and other countries with over 50 years of experience providing international hospitality services. Global industries have been developing in India, welcoming international patients at affordable prices. There is another unique facility provided by the Indian government, which is the availability of a Medical Tourism VISA for foreigners with a maximum of three entries over one year. This makes traveling easy and comfortable, especially when you have medical reasons to travel.

  • A Good Pace of Lifestyle

Mumbai is among the six top metropolitan cities of India. It is a fastly developing city in Maharashtra with a good space for business, education and growth. IVF treatment is provided in mostly all of the medical centres of Mumbai. You can choose any of the following services:

– 3D Sonography




-Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

-Egg & embryo donation

-Cryopreservation of embryos

-Laser-assisted hatching

-Surgical sperm retrieval

-Day 5 or day 6 transfer


When it comes to lifestyle, dwellers live in a fast-paced world. People in Mumbai own a reasonable amount of time with easy availability of commuting services, healthcare services, international hospitality and medical tourism.

  • Rise in Single Super-Speciality Hospitals

In metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, there has been an exponential rise in world-class hospital groups like Max, Hinduja, Fortis and Apollo. In all these hospitals, you will be served with best-in-class infrastructure and healthcare facilities, even in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. According to investindia.gov.in, 80% of the healthcare industry is available for investment for both global & domestic investors. The hospital industry was at the pace of $61.8 bn in 2017 and is expected to reach $132 bn by 2023. In short, there has been a 16-17 per cent rise in the industry, facilities, amenities and investments in the healthcare sector. India is the kind of country which holds a maximum number of patients every year. This has led to an exponential rise in single-speciality hospitals and clinics. There has been an introduction of a few notable names in the country, including Fortis Escorts Heart and Research Centre (New Delhi), Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital (Mumbai), Sankara Nethralaya (Chennai), Vasan Eye Care (Chennai), and HOSMAT Hospital (Bengaluru).

  • A rise in Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to the activity of a person where they travel to another country intending to receive medical help across international borders. India is famous for medical tourism because the following reasons:

  • The availability of world-class doctors and hospitals providing hospitality services at fractional rates, especially in comparison to other countries.
  • India is the hub of traditional and ancient techniques of healthcare medicines, including Ayurveda, Yoga, Panchakarma, Rejuvenation Therapy, etc.
  • There are special provisions in various countries for medical visas- which are made available in almost 165 countries worldwide, and India is one of them.
  • Moreover, medical tourism in India has led to an increase of $13 billion in the last four years (as of September 2022).
  • IVF Cost in Mumbai with an Instant Boom in Fertility Treatments

There has also been a rise in career norms with increased educational facilities. Women or girls are now hoping to get married only after sharing a good income source with their life partners. They tend to have the best career opportunities in all the major sectors. However, this has also led to alcoholism, smoking and stressful life. Drug addiction, obesity, junk food intake and late marriages are the few factors to blame for infertility in both men & women. On the other hand, this rise in infertility has marked an increase in the availability or the granting of fertility treatments like IVF. IVF and surrogacy are the two most prevalent fertility treatments flourishing in the states of India.


Over the last few decades, there has been an increase in the infertility of both men & women. The issues like large production of semen, dead sperm, immature egg production, PCOD or PCOS, etc., are getting common these days, especially after 2017. This has caused an increase in the necessity for a high level of attention and insurance coverage for fertility treatments. Experts believe stakeholders should invest in the healthcare industry as it is one of the booming sectors that will exponentially reach the skies in a few years. To learn more about IVF Cost in Mumbai, you can visit us at Vinsfertility.



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