Guaranteed IVF Pregnancy upto Baby heartbeat – Vinsfertility 2021

Guaranteed IVF Pregnancy upto Baby heartbeat – Vinsfertility 2021

Vinsfertility is offering you an opportunity to fill your home with the giggles and cries of a baby for the parents unable to witness the gift of parenthood. With the guaranteed IVF packages at an affordable price, now every dream for a baby would be a reality at Vinsfertility. Get the best IVF treatment in Delhi at Affordable cost with free consultation, checkup & other needed procedures. At vinsfertility we provide high success rates, state-of-the-art labs, affordable & transparent treatment plans. Consult our best and highly experienced IVF Doctors in Delhi & NCR.




3,00,000 INR


5,00,000 INR



Vinsfertility is offering an assured pregnancy package with the money-back policy at the most affordable prices ever. This package ensures baby heartbeat, and if the same is not achieved in 3 attempts then the money is refunded to the patient. 

Refund Guarantee​

The Refund Guarantee Program is offered to help you with IVF treatment cost. This program ensures that even after receiving all the required IVF treatment services, if you are unable to get the baby’s heartbeat, then most of your money is refunded. This program is to make sure that Vins Partner Hospitals works wholeheartedly to make the treatment successful for its patients. We at Vins helps you to choose the best doctor with the highest success rate possible.

For Patients Using Their Own Eggs

Shown below are a few of the key factors that are considered for participation in the Refund Guarantee Program for patients using self eggs for the treatment. If you have any of these factors, you may NOT qualify for the Refund Program. The refund program is designed for patients doing either self or donor egg cycles, and cannot be used with frozen donor eggs or embryo adoption.

Joint Degree

Ovarian Cystectomy or Endometrioma

Real Estate

Untreated Hydrosalpinx

General Counsel

Abnormal uterus

Health Care

FSH levels over normal limits


Insufficient Antral Follicle Count


Only patients with Normozoospermia can enroll with Refundable programs

For Patients Using Donor Eggs

Shown below are a few of the key factors that are considered for participation in the Refund Program for patients using donor eggs for the treatment. In case you have any of these factors, you will NOT qualify for the Refund Program. The refund program cannot be used with frozen donor eggs or embryo adoption.

Joint Degree

Untreated Hydrosalpinx

Health Care

Abnormal uterus

All required lab results (FSH, AMH, semen, analysis, and uterine evaluation) must be completed within 30 days of starting treatment.

Advantages of refund programs

We understand your concerns and dilemma while opting for IVF treatment due to multiple reasons. IVF being an expensive treatment, couples tend to give multiple thoughts about it. Here at Vins, we are committed to protect your financial and emotional investment, and offer a platform of financial transparency for this sensitive attempt. 

Choosing our refund program allows you to know the exact cost of a successful IVF treatment along with the spend in case the IVF is unsuccessful. Thus, this program provides you to do financial planning as per your budget and resources. It also gives access to assisted reproductive services to couples with limited resources, hence increasing their confidence and security in meeting the financial demands of fertility treatments.

This package will allow patients to have the option of using donor eggs to those who define the success as a live birth. It also provides protection against the unfortunate and largely unpredictable outcome of miscarriage.


What Our Patients are saying

"IVF refund guarantee package made sure that I can try for at least 3 cycles. But the good news is that I got my success in the first cycle. Awesome experience."
Megha Dutta
"With the help of IVF Refund Guarantee package, we found the professional care from doctors during our IVF treatment. Moreover, our IVF was successful in second attempt"
"I know it already that chances of IVF are more with more number of cycles. We got ahead with money back guaranteed package and got positive results in the first cycle"
Anutag sharma
"We had financial issues, so were worried while paying for IVF. But with IVF Guarantee package of Vins, we received result-oriented treatment without risking our money"

Frequently asked questions

The IVF refund guarantee package is the program, which ensures that even if you do not conceive, then a pre-decided amount of the total package is returned to the customer.

The IVF refund guarantee package involves 3 IVF cycles in it. This helps the couples to try again, even if the first IVF cycle is not successful. More the number of IVF cycles performed, more are the chances of getting pregnant.

Here are some of the major advantages of IVF refund guarantee package over single cycle IVF:

  • IVF refund guarantee package helps the couples to get back a certain part of total amount of IVF package paid before the commencement of IVF procedure.
  • These kinds of refund programs help the individuals to have a peace of mind with respect to finances as well as the success of IVF treatments.
  • The best part of IVF refund guarantee package is that the chances of a couple of dropping out with the IVF procedure are reduced to an appreciable extent. This happens because no couple wants to lose the amount, which is paid back in case of 3 unsuccessful IVF cycles.
  • Hence, this package increases the chances of getting pregnant in a significant manner.

The success rate with IVF refund guarantee package is 89%. This clearly indicates that you can rely on this package without any worries and reap the benefits of the package in the form of a successful pregnancy eventually leading to the birth of your healthy baby.

The IVF refund guarantee package is specifically designed for IVF with self-egg as well as with donor egg. Doctors decide who is the eligible couple for this package.

Absolutely! You will have increased chances of conceiving a baby, if multiple cycles of IVF are utilized over single IVF. This is the prime reason why IVF refund guarantee package is designed.

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